The AstroQuiz™ Competition is an Astronomy-focused questions and answers competition for teams of learners. Initially founded in 2005 at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, during the National Astronomy Platform month, the competition enjoyed almost instant success and was subsequently established as a fixed annual competition that gained a national footprint. The objective of this competition is to contribute to the improvement of awareness, interest, understanding, and insight into basic astronomy, as well as, build an appreciation of and pride in South Africa’s history of science activity and achievements, amongst others.

CLOSING DATE : 8 April 2022
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The AstroQuiz is coordinated by the Science Education Division of the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA); a business unit of the National Research Foundation.

Grade 7 learners from schools based in South Africa.

Educators must enter their learners (teams of four learners) on the provided registration form and email it to SAASTA on

• Each team consists of four (4) learners (no less, no more)
• Entry is free
• Schools enroll via an enrolment form for round 1. Click here to access the enrolment form.
• No school is allowed to jump a round.
• All schools must submit their results before being allowed to enroll for round 2.
• Round 1 will be paper-based and written at school
• Rounds 2 to 4 will be online.
• Each round consist of 30 multiple choice questions
• The top three teams in the provincial round as well as the top three in the national round stand to win prizes.

1 School Written (pen & paper) 5 May
2 District Online 4 August
3 Provincial Online 25 August
4 National Online 15 September

• The paper will be emailed to all educators who registered by the closing date.

• All grade 7 learners are allowed to participate at the school.

• The educator has the choice to either not restrict the number of grade 7 learners taking the quiz, or may select 1 to 2 teams of four members each at this stage.

• Once the quiz has been written, the educator provides NRF-SAASTA with the results on the form, which the educator will receive together with the paper.

• The educator decides/selects which team or teams (maximum two teams) he/she would like to enrol for round 2.

• Rounds 2 to 4 take place online and each educator who sends their results of round 1 to SAASTA will receive the link to register their team(s). A maximum of two teams per school will be allowed in round 2.

• One smart phone per team is needed to complete the online quiz

• Teams compete within a school district.

• The top three (3) teams per district proceed to the provincial round.

• Time: teams have 30 min to complete the quiz

• Should there be ties between the top three (3) schools in a district in round 2, the tied teams will be allowed to proceed to round 3.

• Should there be a tie between the two teams from the same school, they will be given a tie-breaker test to determine which team will proceed to round 3. If, after the tie breaker, the teams are still in a tie, NRF-SAASTA will look at the time it took the teams to complete the original online quiz for round 2 to distinguish the winner. The team who completed the original online quiz in the fastest time, will be the winner of the tie and proceed to the next round.

• Teams compete with the winning teams of all districts in their respective provinces.

• Teams compete for the top three positions in the province.

• Time: teams have 30 min to complete the quiz

• The wining team proceeds to represent the province in the national round, i.e. round 4.

• Teams who are in a tie with one another for the top three positions will be expected to write a tie-breaker test. If, after the tie breaker, the teams are still in a tie, NRF-SAASTA will look at the time it took the teams to complete the original online quiz for round 3 to distinguish the winner.


Eastern Cape

Free State


Kwa-Zulu Natal



North West

Northern Cape

Western Cape

• Teams compete for the top three national positions

• Time: teams have 30 min to complete the quiz

• If there are teams who are in a tie with one another for the top three positions, the team who finished in the fastest time will be the winner. There will be no tie-breakers.

• All rounds consist of multiple-choice questionnaires.

• Round 1 consists of 30 questions and learners are allowed 30 minutes (one minute per question) to complete this round.

• Rounds 2- 4 consists of 40 questions and teams are allowed 80 minutes (two minutes per question) to complete the online quiz. Ten of the 40 questions are used in the case of a tie to determine the winning teams who will go through to the next round. On average the data that will be needed should not be more than the cost of sending 4-5 WhatsApp messages to complete each quiz.

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