Message from the Managing Director

Dr. Mamoeletsi Mosia

Since NRF-SAASTA was established in 2002, based on our business mandate to “advance public awareness, appreciation of and engagement with science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation (STEMI) in South Africa,” we have strived to continue to communicate the advances of science and technology to the public and steer young minds towards careers in STEMI. Looking forward, we are committed to achieving our vision of communicating the value and impact of science and technology in a dynamic knowledge economy and simultaneously build the science engineering technology human resource based in South Africa.

Our advances in science, science literacy and science engagement is becoming more valuable with increased participation numbers and impact in our activities such as National Science Olympiad, Natural Science Olympiad, National School Debate competition and Astro Quiz increasing yearly.

Incorporating science awareness platforms in our directive has enabled us to deliver widely on our strategic areas by growing the awareness of science through explorations, exhibitions and actual experiences and thus creating an interface between science and society.

For NRF-SAASTA to continuously improve public understanding of science and science engagement, it is necessary for us to provide credible and accurate information that is accessible to all South African communities.
We have enhanced excellent capabilities that we currently have to ensure that audiences are targeted and reached using efficient communication methods. This is achieved through our efforts in scientific information management and packaging of information; and by using the correct medium through which to communicate science, e.g. print, broadcast, online, social media and mobile telephony.

We believe that by faithfully continuing on endeavours such as involving the science sector in communicating science, e.g. working with science journalists to ensure optimal access to scientific content, scientists and research facilities; collaborating with media partners; and encouraging scientists to communicate their work, NRF-SAASTA can continually create innovative science engagement solutions for unmet science needs that exist in large numbers within our society.

This sound organisational culture provides the foundation for us to fulfil our responsibility to society. We are governed by a common set of values to be consistent in our thoughts and actions. Having our employees practice and demonstrate these values (World-class service; Passion for excellence; Integrity and ethics; People-centred; Respect and Accountability) to the fullest has created an organisation that continually produces new value.
In the future, too, NRF-SAASTA aims to stand on the forefront of science engagement, turning science and scientific literacy into value for the society and we will continually strive to fulfil our strategic objectives in line with our Science engagement Strategy by:

• Popularizing science, engineering, technology and innovation as attractive, relevant and
accessible in order to enhance scientific literacy and awaken interest in relevant careers.

• Developing a critical public that actively engages and participates in the national discourse of science and technology to benefit the society.

• Promoting science communication that will enhance science engagement in South Africa.

• Profiling South African science and science achievements domestically and internationally, demonstrating their contribution to the national development and global science, thereby enhancing their public standing.

Dr. Mamoeletsi Mosia

NRF-SAASTA: Managing Director

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