Salt Restriction Efforts Paying off in South Africa

In 2016, South Africa introduced legislation to reduce the amount of salt in processed foods. The legislation was…

Air Pollution and Birth Outcomes

Air pollution has become a major environmental issue worldwide, and the impact of ambient air pollution on human health is a…

The Drivers of Illegal Elephant Killing

A new study, partly funded by the National Research Foundation, looks at the motives and drivers behind the illegal killing of…

The City is a Garden for Urban Foragers

Urban foraging can be defined as the activity of urban dwellers collecting biological resources such as wild foods…

Changing Landscape of Science Journalism in SA

Science journalism is a vital component of informing the public about scientific advancements and discoveries…

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Multimedia Gallery

Webinar – Enhancing Transparency And Public Trust In Nanotechnology  

The webinar aimed to create awareness of the nanotechnology innovation value processes as a way to forge transparency and build public trust in nanotechnology products.

Webinar – Hydrogen Regulations, Standards, Codes and Certifications 

The webinar aimed to present recent developments particularly in the Hydrogen Society Roadmap and highlight South Africa’s progress of its DSI 15-year programme.

FameLab South Africa Final 2022

Be inspired by the ten stories about African science and discover who will represent South Africa in the FameLab International Competition 2022.

Upcoming Events

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach

29 – 30  June 2023

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach is a two-day education and career exhibition event which is designed to be an avenue to expose learners, educators, youth out of school and parents to a diverse of resourceful institutions and individuals in education and development sphere.

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach is planned to take place during the National Youth Month after Youth Day Commemoration which is an annual countrywide youth day…

National Career and Science Expo – Joe Gcabi District

20 July 2023

The National Career and Science Expo aims to showcase careers in various sectors or industries with a special focus on Mathematics, Science and Technology thereby achieving the objective to allow learners access to information.


  1. Availing access to information pertaining to career opportunities available to learners…

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