Twitter and the Spread of Pseudoscience and Quackery Health Messages

Pseudoscience, quackery and alternative facts on health issues have been an ongoing problem for Twitter, the popular social media platform. This was brought into sharp focus with…

Young Scientists and Public Engagement: Perspectives from SA

Scientific knowledge is an important resource for all societies. Thus, researchers are being asked to engage members of the public in dialogue about their work and its implications for society. The demand…

Sustainability-Oriented Research and the Need for Knowledge Co-Production

Science is one of the four levers (alongside governance, economy and finance, and individual and collective action) identified by the UN’s Sustainable Development Report…

SA Universities and Community Engagement

According to the 1999 Kellogg Commission Report entitled Returning To Our Roots: The engaged institution, higher…

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Society Through the Science Shop Model

In pursuit of a society that critically engages with science and technology…

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Multimedia Gallery

Webinar – The role of traditional medicine in modern healthcare systems

The main purpose of the webinar was to contribute to profiling the field of African Traditional Medicine, highlighting the critical role of THPs in the healthcare of many people in rural (and urban) areas.

SANPARKS Kgodumodumo Documentary

SANParks “Making it through science” Flipping & Blending Environmental Interpretation & Awareness for the 21st Century Learning & Education for & in Sustainable Development

FameLab South Africa Final 2022

Be inspired by the ten stories about African science and discover who will represent South Africa in the FameLab International Competition 2022.

Upcoming Events

Science Podcasting Bootcamp 

07  February 2023

This 3 hour bootcamp will teach you how to create a podcast for the purposes of science communication. It will cover the basics of science communication, why and how to create and launch a podcast, practical podcasting skills, how to conduct interviews and a brief introduction to audio editing…

Working World Exhibition

14 –  16 March 2023

The Working World Exhibition is the most comprehensive and cutting edge Exhibition – designed to empower and position learners for the world of work.

The Exhibition repackages the essential components of a Career guidance programme into an interactive experience that learners can identify with and find meaningful.

Career resources such as experts sharing opportunities in careers of skills shortages, bursaries and entrepreneurship, seminars as well as the Workbook gives life to South Africa’s largest careers & skills Exhibition…

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach

29 – 30 June  2023

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach is a two-day education and career exhibition event which is designed to be an avenue to expose learners, educators, youth out of school and parents to a diverse of resourceful institutions and individuals in education and development sphere.

The ėDumbe Career Awareness Outreach is planned to take place during the National Youth Month after Youth Day Commemoration which is an annual countrywide youth day celebration led by the South African government in the commemoration of 1976 Soweto Uprising…

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