Procurement Guidelines

Procurement guidelines

Tax Compliance - Definition

    The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) is the business       unit of the National Research Foundation. The National Research Foundation (NRF) is guided         by its Supply Chain Management Policy in its procurement of goods and services.

   The Supply Chain Management policy adheres to the National Treasury’s prescribed supply              chain system framework for public entities listed in Schedule 3A of the PFMA Act. 

    The NRF’s Supply Chain Management Policy and the conduct of supply chain management at         the NRF seeks to give effect to section 217 of the South African Constitution which requires           that all procurement of goods and services must be done in a manner that is fair, equitable,              transparent, competitive and cost-effective.

        Tax compliance is defined by National Treasury as having all of your tax affairs in           order. Tax affairs are inclusive of PAYE (if paying employees), Income Tax, VAT,                 Import Duties, Skills Levy and any other tax or levy administered by the South                     African Revenue Services (SARS).

        Each taxpayer (irrespective if an individual, government department, company,                  trust,  etc.) registered with SARS can apply for a certificate that verifies their                      status.

       Such certificates apply to the legal or juristic person and thus covers any                            transaction  entered into by such a legal, juristic or natural person.

         In light of the above, all third parties supplying goods and/or services are required           to    provide a valid proof that their tax affairs are in order to the NRF and to                       replace    such   proof where it has expired.



The National Treasury General Conditions of Contract apply to all supply contracts and purchase orders entered into by the NRF with its suppliers.


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