TechnoYouth® is a programme that is aimed at exposing learners from grades 4 to 12 across the country to technological concepts and applications in an informal, fun and friendly manner.

Participants are introduced to technological concepts by means of audio-visual presentations, basic hand tools and special constructor kits, and shown how to apply these in a practical way by constructing various technology projects during practical hands-on sessions.

Design and modelling are fundamental aspects of the programme, whereby learners/pupils are strategically grouped in team development projects. For each activity/project the teams are in access and can use a network of scientists and mentors to assist them to improve their projects. The teams are given practical challenges; obstacles and/or problems which they need to solve or improve utilising the tools which they were given.

TechnoYouth aims at making participants aware of the different kinds of technologies and the impact of each technology on our daily lives. The objective is to introduce technological concepts through applications to those youth who may otherwise not be exposed to modern technology at an early age in their lives. A secondary objective is to make them aware of the stimulating and rewarding career opportunities that will exist for them later on if they opt for science and technology subjects at school. Not only does programme aim at exposing and encouraging learners/pupils but also to create an innovative culture and approach to problem solving.




Tebalo Tsatsi
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