Poor uptake of mathematics and science at secondary and tertiary level is shrinking the pool of qualified scientists and researchers, in turn threatening the future of scientific development in South Africa.

SAASTA hopes to change this poor uptake through role modelling campaigns. SAASTA’s Science Education Division implements a career profiling project, which exposes learners to role models with various qualifications in science, engineering and technology (SET).

The intervention provides learners with appropriate role models/mentors who, in turn, aim to entice these learners into pursuing careers in SET. The project is aimed at Grade 8 -11 learners who are studying Natural Science, Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Sciences.

Learners normally meet and interact with at least 10 to 12 role models with different careers at each of the interventions, and have the opportunity to request more information about the specialist or the career. The intervention has further been seen as a way of motivating and encouraging learners from previously disadvantaged communities, hoping to do well in the SET fields, to pursue their dreams through guidance and advice from the role models.

The objectives of this intervention are to:

  • Expose learners to various career opportunities in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology;
  • And give  learners the opportunity to interact with appropriate role models in SET careers.


Tebalo Tsatsi

Project Coordinator
Email tebalo@saasta.ac.za
Call +27(0)12 392 9336