The rapid advancement in Computer Science and Information Technology has brought the added need and challenge for qualified personnel such as engineers, technicians, physicist , scientists, radiological technicians and other related professionals in order to cope with and address the needs of every nation, in particular South Africa. It is thus fitting that the school education system and the Higher Education Sector should be in a position to prepare our youth, especially in scientific and technological fields.

The Undergraduate Support Programme for undergraduate students is a programme initiated by SAASTA towards increasing the SET human capital in the country.


  • To expose undergraduate students to career opportunities in Physics through undertaking field trips to research facilities, science councils and industries which currently employ Physicists and other scientists;
  • Expose and promote interaction with appropriate role models, in particular Physicists; and
  • Identify and nurture talent towards SET careers, in particular a career in Physics.


  • Increasing the number of undergraduate students,  particularly the number of Black Africans and young women enrolled in Physics;
  • Exposing undergraduate students in Physics to career opportunities in Physics; through interacting with appropriate role models, visiting of science councils, research facilities and industries.


Ms. Erna Taljaard