Primary School Science Intervention


The Primary School Science Intervention is a SAASTA-funded project devoted to promoting science in primary schools.

South Africa is currently ranked as one of the lowest performing countries in the Science and Mathematics cross-national studies, particularly in the junior school grades. In order to make a contribution in addressing this challenge, SAASTA introduced the Educator Support and Development as the core of this project with the hope that it will address the above mentioned challenge in the primary school system.

We are kindling the love and passion for science and showing our learners that science can be fun and that it is not a difficult subject, it only requires a better understanding of the subject and its content. This project is conducted annually and targets grades 4 to 9 educators across the country.

NRF|SAASTA identifies areas and topics to be addressed that aligned with the curriculum, and conduct a series of workshops in collaboration with various STEM orientated institutions. The workshops expose educators not only to scientific concepts but also the practical environment where the scientific applications are conducted.



Mr. Tebalo Tsatsi
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