Background Information:

The STEMI Olympiads and Competitions Community of Practice Conference is an annual conference which is dedicated to the advancement of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Innovation (STEMI) Olympiads and Competitions in South Africa by creating a community of practice where best practices are identified and benchmarked. This is achieved by bringing Olympiad and Competition organisers and other industry stakeholders together to present academic and non-academic research and talks to facilitate a platform for engagement between parties.

Objectives of the conference:

  • To positively contribute towards a STEMI-driven culture.
  • To create a platform for collaborative problem solving.
  • To act as a catalyst between people and organisations.
  • To facilitate the development of tools to improve the connection between science and society.
  • To assist in transforming innovative ideas and actions into benchmarked practices.

Date of the Conference:

19 – 22 February 2018

Delegates who should attend:

The focused audience for the conference is STEMI Olympiads and Competitions organisers and stakeholders that have either direct or indirect impact on this niche, such as educators, academics, science centres, government departments, science agencies, and professional bodies. However, anyone involved or interested in science engagement is welcome to attend.


For this year registration is free.


Limited accommodation will be offered to presenters and delegates who do not reside in Gauteng.  In a case where SAASTA cannot provide you with accommodation delegates are welcomed to book their own accommodation in nearby hotels and/or guest houses. The onus is on the delegate to make a booking and all costs incurred are for the delegate’s own account.

STEMI Conference 2017 Booklet

Google Map


Burgers Park Hotel

0001 CNR Lilian Ngoyi and Minnaar Street, Pretoria, 0002