• 22 July - Tuesday
  • 23 July - Wednesday
  • 24 July - Thursday

Mr. Buti Manamela (Deputy Minister: Higher Education, Science & Innovation)

Conference Opening

Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi

Keynote Address:
Multiple Creativities, Pro Sociality and Creative Ecologies for the Post COVID

Dr. P Gouws | Prof. H Lotriet | Dr. M Katumba

An exploratory analysis of the potential for the use of MOOCs in support of STEM engagement

Ms. M Trichardt

How mathematical challenges can improve non-routine problem solving in learners from lower quintile schools

Mr. F Spies

Rural Robotics Clubs are possible

Dr. Beverley Damonse

Message from the Group Executive : NRF

Ms. K Naidoo | Ms. N Dookie | Mrs. D Mlambo

Beyond the Rhetoric: Rethinking Reach and Access of Olympiads and Competitions for Rural Learners

Prof .J Greylinng | Mr. S Mokoena

Coding Unplugged

Prof. E Kritzinger

Cyber Security for Educators

Mr. Isaac Ramovha

Transformation and inclusivity in STEMI Olympiads and related competitions

Mr. F Mashate | Mr. A Schlemmer

Collaboration is more than working together towards the same goals.

Prof. W Olivier

GeoGebra Classroom for post-COVID Mathematics learner support over distance

Ms. Moloedi | Ms. Mekgwe

Extending the reach of STEMI Olympiads and Competitions through systemic interventions.

Mr. Derek Fish

Beyond Facts – Finding Fun in Physics

Dr. Tanja Reinhardt | Ms. Nalini Dookie

Preparing learners for STEMI competitions: A case study of a collaborative online approach

Dr. Caroline Long

A comparative analysis of approaches to the assessment of problem solving activities

Mr. A Schlemmer | Ms. CL Cloete | Ms. N Ndlovu

Using environmental education to prepare learners for STEMI Olympiads and competitions in a transformational manner

Ms. Monica Trichardt

Workshop on the process, and value, of geocoding schools participating initiatives or programmes

Mr. Derek Fish

How to bridge the digital divide

Mr. Steve Sherman

Digital tools to level up your STEM teaching online and off line

Dr. Angela Stott

The response of low quintile South African learners to a problem-based programme for developing skills relevant to the Expo for Young Scientists competition

Mr. D Haripersad | Mr. L Manas

Do STEMI Olympiads and competitions enhance inquiry learning in the curriculum and prepare learners

Ms. C Steyn

When Mathematics meets Art

Mr. Bersan Lesch

STEMI Support and Development Framework Final inputs and adoption

Mr. Daniel Johnson

Unlocking Education lockdown
with the iNethi platform

Dr. Aderemi Obilana

Developing a language of Science through cooperative learning in a rural grade 11 Life Science classrative online approach

Mr. I Marume | Mr. J Gibbs

The Role of Print and Digital media in transforming Olympiads and competitions: A report on the significance of the reach by Eskom Expo for Young Scientists’ activities

Dr. T Dirsuweit

Exploring Gender and Robotics A case study of the I SET Robotics, a community engagement project

Mr. C McCartney

Toys from Trash using online platforms to prepare learners for competitions

Dr. Angela Stott

A framework for designing and communicating experimental investigations for the Expo for Young Scientists competition

Dr. David Johnson

Inclusivity in the digital era How to bridge the digital divide

Mr. Moloko Matlala

Recommendations & Conference Resolutions

Mr. Abri Hoffman | Dr. Mmaki Jantjies

Key Note Address:
The role of youth in technology, reshaping our digital future