Day 1: Main Room

Determinants of the intention to choose a career in the marine sciences by Dr. Willie Chinyamurindi

Exploring a mentorship model for skills transfer through targeted interventions

How can a Raspberry Pi be used as a Digital Suitcase to provide schools with an internet experience?

Optimising online learning in an online Mathematics Problem Solving course for primary school teachers

STEM Inclusivity: Challenges faced by STEM professionals

Using Robotics Competitions to Advance Physics Education

Day 2: Main Room

Development of knower legitimation among South African township learners

Guest Speaker Dr. Nehemiah Latolla at STEMI Conference 2023  

Learner Skills Galore in Free State made possible

Panel Discussion What type of skills do we envisage for the future of work?

Self-sustainable volunteer models

Value and limits of volunteerism: Lessons from the South African National Geography Olympiad

Working towards self-sustainable initiatives in Olympiads and related competitions

Interview with Mr. Caleb Johnson || STEMI Conference 2023 #STEMICOP2023

Day 3: Room 3, and growing the reach of Kangaroo sans Frontiere in Africa

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