In September2008, the South African government launched the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Research, Development and Innovation (NHFCT RDI) strategy, branded Hydrogen South Africa (HySA). The 15-year HySA programme has made steady progress, with a number of technology demonstration projects completed as part of translating research into market-orientated solutions and applications. Recently, the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) in partnership with Anglo American, Engie, the South African National Development Institute and Bambili Energy conducted a feasibility study exploring the creation of a “hydrogen valley” to potentially drive high growth industries and HFCT market in the country. The hydrogen valley is a key initiative of the South African Hydrogen Society Roadmap, the latest policy development looking at “coalescing all efforts towards unlocking the full potential of the country’s hydrogen socioeconomic value”.

The HySA Infrastructure Centre of Competence – jointly hosted by the North West University and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – conduct innovative research that is essential to formulating regulations, codes, standards and certifications by bodies such as the South African Bureau of Standards and National Regulator for Compulsory Standards. Furthermore, a clearly defined policy and regulatory environment is a pre-requisite to growing the hydrogen industry and hence, necessitating engagements with industry stakeholders. In drafting its preliminary Green Hydrogen Commercialisation Strategy, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) highlights the importance of a sound regulatory environment especially considering it intention to finance green hydrogen projects in the future.  


The webinar will present recent developments in the area of hydrogen regulations, standards, codes and certifications from a research as well as industry perspective including South Africa’s readiness for a hydrogen society. The webinar will further encourage stakeholder engagement in the development of a regulatory environment.


  • To provide progress on recent developments that will stimulate industrial development in HFCT in South Africa.
  • To present cutting-edge research that will support the development of regulations and standards for the local HFCT market and customer acceptance.
  • To profile and celebrate South Africa’s achievements in HFCT and its contribution to global efforts to building a hydrogen economy.
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Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Nicholas Musyoka
Research Group Leader
Mr. Laurens Cloete
Senior Consultant
Dr. Brian North
Principal Engineer
Mr. Mahandra Rooplall
Industry Planner
Dr. Khavharendwe Rambau
Post-doctoral researcher

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Project Officer