What is National Science Week?

National Science Week (NSW), an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), is an annual countrywide celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI). It involves various stakeholders and/or role players who participate by conducting STEMI activities during the declared week. It is one of many initiatives conducted under the Science Engagement Strategy, which seeks to develop a society that is knowledgeable about science, able to form independent opinions about science and are scientifically literate.

For more detail, see About NSW.

When is National Science Week?

National Science Week is usually held during the first week of August each year.

The dates for this year are 29 July – 03 August under the theme “Facing the harsh realities of climate change”

Where can I find events in my area?

You can search for on SAASTA’s website.

I would like to get involved – how do I get involved?

Applying for a grant is a great way to be a part of National Science Week although there are many other ways to participate, such as going to an event – visit SAASTA’s website for more details.

There is clear and useful information online about how to organise your own event, but the first step is to work out what you would like to do, and what you might need to make that happen. 

If you are planning your own Science Week event, get in contact with Bafedile Kgwadi at SAASTA on 012 392 9300.

I am putting on an NSW event – how do I get it in the event diary on SAASTA’s website?

You need to contact the coordinating committee at SAASTA as an event organiser/Grant holder – they will be able to assist in uploading your event and activities on the website.

Can you provide some ideas for activities we could present?

You can visit SAASTA’s website to check if the call is published.All science related activities are welcome, such as science shows, science workshops, science games etc. 

Can I apply for a National Science Week grant?

Yes you can – contact the coordinating committee on how to apply.

Where can I download the National Science Week full programme and activities?

The National Science Week programme is available on SAASTA’s website.

Who is the NSW target participants

The Five Year Strategy that has been updated to 2020 puts emphasis on the various publics.

In order to maximise citizens’ participation in the NSW, sections of the population and entities in the society that will be targeted for participation have been identified as follows:

  •  Learners and educators (in the schooling system),
  •  Higher education institutions (students, academics, community engagement),
  • Science centres, natural history museums and interpretation centres,
  •  Science councils (including National Research Facilities),
  • Media (including journalists),
  • General public,
  • Politicians or decision-makers,
  • Government departments involved in scientific and technological activities (STAs), and
  •  Industry.