Preparing learners from disadvantaged communities for the future of work through STEMI Olympiads and competitions


With the aim of advancing STEMI Olympiads and Competitions in South Africa, we invite authors to submit research papers or talks on the following sub-themes: With the aim of advancing STEMI, and related arts, in South Africa, we invite authors to submit research papers or talks on the following sub-themes:

1. Transforming the landscape through partnerships and collaborations

How can we use partnerships and collaborations to reach disadvantaged communities so that they benefit and are prepared for STEMI related future of work?

2. Skills for the future of work
Technology advances at a very rapid rate. How could the 21st century skills be used, developed or advanced to support participants? How can Olympiads and competitions equip disadvantaged communities with 21st century skills for the future of work?

3. Bridging the digital divide towards Education without Boundaries

How can we use STEMI Olympiads and related competitions to narrow the digital divide experienced by learners from disadvantaged communities so they are supported to perform optimally, in synergy with new technologies?

4. Volunteerism – a vehicle for sustainable growth

Working towards self-sustainable initiatives. How can volunteerism from community members, alumni of Olympiads and related competitions, and STEM professionals, provide continuous support in the form of coaching, mentoring, and any other form of human or material support?

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The conference is a three-day event that will include the following sessions:

  • Plenary Sessions

These will address current research or experience on topics that have bearing on STEMI Olympiads and competitions, science education, and the broader teaching and learning environment.

  • Panel Discussion Sessions

These will provide delegates with the opportunity to engage speakers on selected topics.

  • Parallel Sessions

These concurrent sessions will include discussions on current topics, and demonstration workshops on best practices for skills transfer.

  • Poster Presentations

A poster presentation is a way to communicate research or facilitate understanding of a topic using a short and concise format. It usually includes two elements – a poster or a few posters about the same research and brief explanations where required.