Never let your camera (or your smartphone) leave your side… Capture stunning, dramatic, spectacular images related to science and technology. It may explain something about science in our everyday lives, show something the human eye never sees, or simply be an attention-grabbing image of the beauty of science.


The competition comprises two parts:

The traditional photographic competition, is open to scientists, science communicators and science enthusiasts, as well as professional photographers and amateurs with an enthusiasm for science and technology. Researchers and scientists are encouraged to participate to open a window into the world of their science we may never otherwise see.

An Instagram competition, open to all ages and encourages all to find and appreciate science in their everyday lives. The competition will be running in the first quarter of 2016.

Publish and tag your photos on Instagram and you could win. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for information on and updates to the competition.


Science in Action
Capture science as it happens, either in the natural world or in the workplace of scientists, doctors, researchers, etc. Please note that this excludes nature photography that does not depict a specific event of scientific importance. Images can be taken using standard film/digital camera equipment, scientific equipment, or specialist photographic techniques such as time lapse/stroboscopic/high speed photography.

Science Close-Up
Images should reveal aspects of science that cannot be seen with the naked eye and can be taken with macro lenses or by using techniques such as microscopy, x-ray, satellite or astronomical photography, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

Science as Art
Produce images that illustrate the beauty of science or show natural subjects in abstract ways. Images entered should be able to stand alone as a work of art and will be judged on their aesthetic values only. Images can be taken with film/digital camera or scientific equipment and can be computer-enhanced or manipulated. The entrant must have copyright of all the elements used in the artwork.

Special Category

Each competition includes a special category with a relevant theme. The 2015 competition had a special category for the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies.

How to enter

Entries to the traditional photographic competition can be done by post, email or online.

Competition rules

Please read the competition rules before you enter.


Great cash prizes are up for grabs!

The winner of each of the categories of the traditional competition will win R10 000, and runners up will be awarded R5000.

The Instagram competition will be awarding data bundles as prizes.



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