Young Science Communicator’s Competition aims to encourage young scientists and science students in higher education institutions and science councils to communicate their science and research to the broader public community, using a variety of communication modes, including writing, audio, video, and other creative modes.

Who is the Competition Coordinator

The South African Science Lens Competition is coordinated by the Science Communication Division of the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement; a business unit of the National Research Foundation.

Why should I participate

Young scientists and researchers are provided with the opportunity to communicate their research to a larger audience beyond their scientific peer community. In addition, this competition entices young scientists, who may not have had the opportunity or incentive to communicate their work, as well as expose them to opportunities in science communication. In addition, top entrants are provided with the opportunity for further skills development in science communication through interventions such as workshops, courses or practical “hands on” exposure to various modes of communication.

Whom we target

Young scientists and researchers aged 21 to 35, studying or working at a South African Higher Education Institution or Science Council.

Entry Requirements

Participants must be young scientists, aged between 18 and 35, that are studying or working at a South African Higher Education Institution or Science Council. Entries are accepted by e-mail or by online submissions. The competition categories, rules, and guidelines are available on

How does it work

The YSCC has four categories: a written newspaper article on science and science-related issues; a radio recording that conjures up the “theater of the mind”; a video that is entertaining and can be spread through social media; and an open category for other modes of communication such as poetry, comics, or other graphics. A panel of judges selects a winner and runner-up for each category, as well as an overall winner of the competition.

What will it cost

Free entry to all participants.

What am I awarded

The winner and runner-up of each category of the Youth Science Communicators Competition are awarded a cash prize of R10 000 and R5000, respectively. In addition, top entrants receive further science communication skills development.

Competition timelines

The competition runs biennially and alternates with the SA Science Lens Competition. Entries open in September and close in January the following year.


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