Introductory paragraph

The South African Mathematics Foundation presents a short course in problem solving in different areas across the country. The successful completion of the course enhances appreciation for problem solving which in turn, may result in the improvement of the performance of learners in the South African Maths Challenge (grades 4-7) and South African Maths Olympiad (grades 8-12).

Entry Requirements

Grades 4 to 12 teachers can register for the course.

Hosted by

The Teacher Problem Solving Course is organised and coordinated by the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF).

What is the benefit

Teachers are exposed to a variety of problem solving strategies and techniques. The course also enhances problem solving skills of teachers and improves their skill of solving Olympiad type problems.

Who we target

Primary and Secondary School teachers.

How does it work

Teachers are offered a short course live in any area of South Africa where a group of at least 20 teachers are showing interest in the programme. The course is spread over two Saturdays at a venue close to the teachers. A training manual is provided to teachers to support reflection and self -study. Teachers not close to a main venue or those who prefer to do the course at their own time can register for the DVD version of the programme available in 4 levels: GET1, GET2, GET3 and FET1. It is mandatory for all teachers to do GET level 1 first as many of the strategies are expanded in the subsequent levels.

What will it cost

The live taught course is free of charge. The self-paced course (DVD version of the course) costs R400 per teacher.

What do we get

Teachers who achieve 75% and above will receive a merit certificate while those achieving 50% and above but less than 75% will receive a pass certificate. All the GET and FET Level courses are endorsed by the South African Council of Educators and can be used for continuous professional development.


The programme is open throughout the whole year.


Primary Teacher Problem Solving Course

Project Manager: Patrick Rasehwete

(012) 392 9348

Project Coordinator: David Ramaboka

(012) 392 9324

Secondary Teacher Problem Solving Course

Project Manager: Herman Bosman

(012) 392 9316

Project Coordinator: Pebetse Madisha

(012) 392 9362