Dr Liezel GouwsBiosafety(food and feed safety derived from GMO's)Technology Innovation AgencyPublic Presentation -Reviewer and Writer
Dr Nompumelelo Happyworth ObokohPlant Molecular Biology/ BiotechnologyAfricaBioPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Merrill Victoria Van Der WaltPalaeontology; Science Communication; Project ManagementEnvolutionary Studies Institute @ University of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Carolyn HancockForensic GeneticsDNA ProjectPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio andYes
Dr Anneline ChettyInnovation and Enterpreneurship- polocy-strategy and researchUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)Public Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Dr Earl PrinslooStem Cells-Protein Biophysical Interaction Analysis- Real-Time Cell Analysis 3D PrintingRhodes UniversityPublic Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Dr Christine Maritz-OlivierParasitology- Veterinary ectaparasites-livestock-vaccines-ticks-drug discovery- gene expression profilling- molocular biologyUniversity of Pretoria (UP)Public Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Dr Dawn StephensMolecular Biology- Genetics- Biotechnology- MicrobiologyTechnology Innovation AgencyPublic Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Dr Hennie GroenewaldBiosafety & sustainability-sustanable biotech innovation & enterpreneurship-regulation of biotech- molecular biology-plant physiology &tissue cultureBiosafatety SA - Technology Innovation AgencyPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer and RadioYes
Dr Estie (HJ) KotzeClinical Research- family PracticeMCCR (Managing Director)Public Presentation and WriterYes
Dr Rachel ChikwambaGenetics- Biotechbology-Agriculture and Health applications- business StrategyCSIRPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Sandra SnymanPlant BiotechnologyUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) (SA Sugarcane Research Institute)Public Presentation -Reviewer- WriterNO
Dr Karl RumboldMicrobiology- Biotechnolog- Genetic Engeneering and BioeconomyUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-RadioYes
Dr Joanne van HarmelenBiosciences; BiotechSAIIPL;LES;SARIMAPublic Presentation -Reviewer- WriteYes
Dr Marco AlessandriniStem cell therapy and personalised medicineUniversity of Pretoria (UP)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio Television and BloggerYes
Dr Phiyani LebeaDiagnostics for diseases of economic importance in animalsCSIRReviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Phillip Evert StrydomMeat biotechnology- Animal products- Growth manipulationAgricultural Research CouncilPublic Presentation and RadioYes
Dr Han -l Sadie-Van GijsenBiochemistry- Biology - bone- Biomedical sciences- Cell biology- Stem cell biology- Cell differentiation- Cell signalingStellenbosch UniversityReviewer-Yes
Dr Kerry GordonMolecular BiologyKAPA BiosystemsPublic Presentation and RadioYes
Mr Corneels SchabortBiofuels and Bio-energyNorth-West University (NWU)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-RadioYes
Mr James RhodesThe environmental risk assessment of Genetically Modified OrganismsBiosafety South AfricaPublic Presentation and RadioYes
Mr Hasani Justice BilankuluLife SciencesNational Zoological GardensPublic PresentationYes
Mr Khathu MashauInnovation & Change Leadership- Enterprise DevelopmentPublic Presentation -Radio and TelevisionYes
Mr Michael GastrowInnovation policy; public understanding of science; science communicationHuman Science Research CouncilPublic Presentation -Reviewer- and WriterYes
Mrs Dave PonsDrones-RFID- AgricultureMangosuthu University of Technology (MUT)Public Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Mrs Claudette MedefindtGenetic retinal degenerative conditionRetina South Africa- Retina InternationPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Mrs Ginny (Virginia) StoneWriting (kids books- blogs- articles etc)- designing & developing educational games / designing workshops on different topics for learners / graphic designNone - self employed (unless you count SAASTEC)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and BloggerYes
Mrs Muffy KochBiosafety Regulation and Biotechnolog CommunicationSelf employedPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Ms Linda de waalmoecular biosciences and sales & marketingCPGRPublic PresentationYes
Prof Sanette BritsBiochemistryUniversity of LimpopoWriter
Prof Marla Trindade (Tuffin)Microbiology- Biotechnology- MetagenomicsUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)Public Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Prof William FerrisStem cell research- Diabetes- Metabolic and endocrine systems- Bone metabolism- ObesityStellenbosch UniversityPublic Presentation -Reviewer- WriterYes
Prof Celia AbolnikGenomics- Molecular evolution- Molecular epidemiology- Veterinary diagnostics- Veterinary virology- Veterinary epidemiologyUniversity of Pretoria (UP)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Prof Ames DhaiResearch ethics- bioethics- health law and biobank ethicsUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Prof Anthony LelliottResearch in informal science learning and science communication. These include astronomy education- biotechnology education- evolution.University of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation -Reviewer- and WriterYes
Ms Vanessa LynchForensic ScienceUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio- Television and BloggerYes
Nozibusiso GumedeBiotechnology (Bioprocessing- Fermentation- Industrial Microbiology)Technology Innovation AgencyPublic Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionNO
Dr Riaan Den HaanYeast biotechnolofy- molecular biology- biofuelsUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)Public Presentation -Reviewer- and Writer
Dr Wendy BurgersCellular immunology- Tuberculosis- HIV vaccine - South Africa- Mucosal immunology- Pulmonary immunity- HIV and AIDSUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)Yes
Dr Siva DanaviahMolecular Biology and BioinformaticsAfrica Centre- University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)Public Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Dr Kelebogile Shirley MotaungStem Cells- Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine- Molecular BiologyTshwane University of Technology (TUT)Public Presentation- Reviewer- Writer and TelevisionYes
Mrs Elize VenterConservation EducationNational Zoological Gardens of SAPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer and RadioYes
Mrs Eunice NyamupangedenguTeacher EducationUniversity of Witwaterstrand (Wits)Public Presentation and ReviewerYes
Prof Sanette MarxChemical Engineering- Biofuels- Liquefaction-Lignocellulose ethanol- bio-plasticsNorth-West University (NWU)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and Television
Prof Olubukola Oluranti BabalolaBacterial biotechnology- Biotechnology- Biological control - Alien invasive plants- Environmental microbiology- Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS)North-West University (NWU)Public Presentation and ReviewerYes
Prof Oleg RevaBioinformatics- biotechnology- microbiology- bacterial genomicsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)Public Presentation -Reviewer- and WriterNo
Prof Ochieng AoyiWater/wastewater management and renewable energyVaal University of Technology (VUT)Reviewer- and WriterYes
Prof Michele RamsayHuman Molecular Genetics and GenomicsUniversity of Witwaterstrand (Wits)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Radio and TelevisionYes
Prof Albie Van DijkBiotechnology- Molecular virology- Vaccine development- Diagnostics- Molecular biotechnology- Molecular biochemistryNorth-West University (NWU)ReviewerYes
Prof Gregory Blatchcancer research- stemcell biology- cell stress and chaperones- malaria- Cancer research- Stem cell biology- Cell stress and chaperones- MalariaVictoria University- AustraliaPublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Prof Florian F. BauerWine science- Wine microbiology- Gene regulation- Genomics- Yeast - Flocculation- Yeast metabolomicsStellenbosch UniversityPublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Prof M. Iqbal ParkerCancer Molecular Biology and GenomicsICGEBPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio and TelevisionYes
Prof Jens KossmannPlant Molecular PhysiologyDistinguished ProfessorPublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterNo
Prof Jennifer ThomsonGenetically modified cropsUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)Public Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio and TelevisionYes
Ms Yakira BahadurEnvironmental scinces- plant sciences- plant biochemistry- climate change and sustainabilityUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation and WriterYes
Ms Nomfundo MakhanyaEnvironmental Sciences and Plant physiologyUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentaion- Writer and BloggerYes
Ben BladergroenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Shan JiHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
David KeyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Lindiwe KhotsengHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Ms Yandisiwe SanaranaAnimal Science- Breeding- Molecular Genetics or BiologyAgricultural Research Council-Animal Production InstitutePublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Dr Ureshnie GovenderBiochemistryCSIRPublic Presentation and ReviewerYes
Michael LotoskyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Sivakumar PasupathiHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Stanley RidgeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Ilie SprinceanaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)-SAIAMC
Jan Van Bever DonkerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Ramesh BharuthramHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Jianwei RenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Vladimir LinkovHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Emmanuel IwuohaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Piotr BujloHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyHySA Systems- SAIAMC
Oystein UllebergHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyHySA Systems- SAIAMC- UWC
Ian SchroederHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Green IvanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Klochko YevgeniyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Andre BurgerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyStellenbosch University
Frano BarbirHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyFESB University of Split
Deon SolomonsHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Lunfeng HuangHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySAIAMC
Jenson Jens OlufHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTechnical University of Denmark
Jon PharoahHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyQueen's University at Kingston
Torsten BerningHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
John StewartHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyJ M Stewart Consulting
Mike AlbersHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyConsultant
Melissa PooleHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNine Dots (Anglo American)
Janet CottonHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyOne-Eighty Degrees
Werner TillmetzHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZSW
Markus JenneHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZSW
Klaus SteinhartHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUBzM
Margret Wohlfahrt-MehrensHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZSW
Jan BesterHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyL M Consulting
Donald Fraser BettHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyFraser 4 Publications PR
Wim FulsHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyOptimal Energy
Kelepile DintweHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAnglogold Ashanti Limited
Louis de LangeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySudor Carbon Sciences (Pty) Ltd
Daniel MalherbeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDCM Consulting
Chiedza MusekiwaSpace ScienceCouncil of Geoscience
Cindy PetersenSpace ScienceCouncil of Geoscience
Mafuza MayaSpace ScienceCouncil of Geoscience
Dr Nobanathi MaxakatoNanotechnology- Materials Science and ElectrochemistryUniversity of Johannesburg (UJ)Public Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio- TelevisionYes
Eric EconomonAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Victoria NkambuleAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Adri LaasAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Richard Tswai yAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Mr Francis MosetlhoSpace ScienceSA Weather Service
Mr Simphiwe MadlangaSpace ScienceHartRAO
Tony DhlaminiSpace ScienceHartRAO
Dan MatsapolaSpace ScienceSANSA
Gladys MagagulaSpace ScienceSANSA
Johnny RizosSpace ScienceSANSA
Dr Robert Van ZylCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Stephen CupidoCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Phemelo MokupoSpace ScienceDTI (Space Affairs)
Jessie NdabaSpace ScienceSpace Commercial Services
Khalid ManjooSpace ScienceSpace Commercial Services
Markus ComninosSpace ScienceMARCOM Aeronautics & Space (Pty) Limited
Christo VersteegSpace ScienceDenel Dynamics
Jappie MoneleSpace ScienceDenel Dynamics
Stephen ShongweSpace ScienceSA Weather Services
Linda SomazembeSpace ScienceSA Weather Services
Samantha LinnertsSpace ScienceSA Weather Services
Zama KhanyileSpace ScienceSA Weather Services
Abel RamoeloHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Electdom SizibaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Edgar ChinyikaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Minko SagouoHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Morne RomanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Etnard LouwHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Matthew SibandaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Brice TsobzeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Nyameko RoyiHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Ifriky TadadjeuHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Enrico LouwHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Kazadi TshilabaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Tony LumbweHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Solomon SmitHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Danny IlutuHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Bernard AdjeifrimpongyyyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Antony MubinyaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)/F'SATI
Jade DavenportHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCreamer Media
Ralf SeidelHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Stellenbosch- Bellville
Scholta JoachimHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZSW
Gwynne-Evans NigelHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyEconomic Deveopment & Tourism
Michael MulcahyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDepartment of Economic Development & Tourism
Jean Louis RabierHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Imraan BaatjiesHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTriocon Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd
Radtke MathiasHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZSW
Danie de KockHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyQfinsoft (Pty) Limited
Clive DouglasHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDouglas Investments & Conexus Investment Fund
Charlene SteynHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyFreelancing
Robert LogieHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTellumat
Shaun HendricksHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTellumat
Gonaseelan GoundenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAir Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Samantha HardingHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyIP and Technical Consultant
Thulani KuneneHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyPetroSA
Johan LourensHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyPetroSA
Evans I MabasoHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyPetroSA
Noko PhalaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAnglo Research
Michelle BassonHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySouth African Stainless Steel Development Assoc
Bev BaileyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySouth African Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Guy LundyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAccelerate
Simon MillerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAfrox
De Jager MorneHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAir Liquide South Africa
Mike MunnikHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAgama
Mr MstebeleHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAngloplat
Mitch PascoaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyIST
Sakib KhanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyEnerleq
Tony RamanjalaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyS A Precious Metals
Amina AklekerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyHot Platinum (Pty) Ltd
Ali BreyHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyHot Platinum
Winstone JordanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAdvanced Energy Foundation
Susanne NedergaardHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySer Energy
Maritza BothaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyIndustrial Analytical (Pty) Ltd
Johan LoubserHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUnitemp CC
Igshaan Van SchalkwykHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyMaizey
Ernest PayneHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyLabotec Technical Services
Wendy McGegorHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyLasecSA
Mikael SlothHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyH2 Logic A/S
Maria LindenthalHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyZentrum fuer Sonnenenergie-und Wasserstoff-Forschun
Irshad KhanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyHot Platinum
Barry MacCollHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyEskom
Susan McCreadieHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyRothko Marketing / Design
Amy TuckerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAltergy Systems
Beatri FourieHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDuma Travel
Reinette ClassenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyEngineering News
Renee ThyssenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyJust Letting
Abdul MajiedHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyB&M Scientific
Shafiek TassiemHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Thembakazi MaliHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySANERI
Minesh BipathHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologySANERI
Siyabonga MangeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDept. Science & Technology
Phil MjwaraHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDept. Science & Technology
Dikeledi MarupulaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyDST : Hydrogen and Energy Office
Melanie TitusHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyOffice of Deputy Minister- DST
Brian NorthHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Liesbeth BothaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Gary PattrickHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyMINTEK
Elma Van Der LingenHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyMintek
Mkhulu MatheHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Hilda ChikwandaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
M CoetzerHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Mthetwa MalulekeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNRF / Innovation Fund
Sibusiso MananaHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNational Research Foundation
Lodien RensburgHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyInnovation Fund / NRF
Annabelle DavidsHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyCSIR
Dineo SitholeHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyInnovation Fund- Nat Research Foundation
Tania MyersHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyInnovation Fund
Preben J S VieHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyInstitute for Energy Technology
Sharon MashauHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNRF / SAASTA
Frik van NiekerkHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNorth-West University (NWU)
Frikkie van der MerweHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyNorth-West University (NWU)
Stephen RobertsHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Andrie KolesnikovHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTshawne University of Technology (TUT)
Azeem KhanHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Jack FletcherHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Bob BondHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyTshwane University of Technology (TUT)
Paul BarendseHydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Michael PepperUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Dr Antonel OlckersInnovationDNAbiotec
Prof Kathy MybhurgMuscle biology and adult stem cellsStellenbosch University
Prof Susan KidsonCell and developmental biologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Raj RamassarHuman geneticsUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Valerie CorfieldStellenbosch University
Prof Melodie SlabbertLawUniversity of South Africa (Unisa)
Prof Michele RamsayHuman geneticsNational Health Laboratory Service
Dr Himla SoodylalUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Emil AbotsiBiofuelsUniversity of Limpopo
Prof Emil van ZylBiofuelsStellenbosch University
Dr Ignatious NcubeBiotechnology/biofuelsUniversity of Limpopo
Prof Nceba GqaleniBioprospecting and Indigenious KnowledgeUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Dr Akash AnandrajBiofuelsMangosuthu University of Technology (MUT)
Dr Dheepak MaharajBiofuelsCSIR
Prof Keith CowanBiofuelsRhodes University
Prof Donald CowanMicrobial ecology and genomicsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Dr Rolene BauerMicrobial biotechnology and metagenomicsUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Johan GrobbelarPlant sciencesUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Annabel FosseyGeneticsCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
Anthony EganReligious studies
Dr Annelize van der MerweDNAbiotec
Prof Ugo RipamontiBone researchUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Miranda BloomBiofuelsStellenbosch University
Dr Marnie PotgieterMesenchymal stem cellsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Janice LimsonBiotechnologyRhodes University
Prof Jeremy SeekingsSocial science researchUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Marie-Heleen CoetzeeDramaUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Justice BilankuluGeneticsNationa Zoological Gardens (NZG)
Elize de JagerEducation and conservationNational Zoological Gardens (NZG)
Prof Koos AlbertynMicrobial- biochemical and food biotechnologyUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Dr Kingston MashingaidzeWEMA/Agricultural Research Council (ARC)
Prof Mike WingfieldForest and agric biotechnologyFABI
Prof Paulette BloomerMolecular ecology and evolutionUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Dr Michelle HamerZoology and biodiversitySANBI
Sandile RikhotsoScience CommunicationUniversity of Limpopo
Dr Jasper ReesAgric biotechologyAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Dr Evodia SetatiWine biotechnologyStellenbosch University
Shareefa DalvieHuman geneticsUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Sureshnee PillayBioinformatics and health genomicsUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Survana ParbhooBiodiversitySANBI
Thandi O'HaganScience CommunicationSciBono
Megan DoidgeScience educationWits Marang Centre
Dr Vinesh MaharajNatural products and agro-processingCSIR
Dr Mauritz VenterScience educationAzarGen Biotechnologies (Pty) LtdPublic Presentation- Reviewer- WriterYes
Renate RebelloScience educationKHAR e-solutions
Elize KoekemoerGovernmentDepartment of Trade and Industry
Prof Este van HeerdenAMDUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Faith Dube (MRC)Medical biotechMRC
Freddie Andries Els (TUT)Biomedical sciencesTshwane University of Technology (TUT)
Prof James du PreezMicrobial- biochemical and food biotechnologyUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Irene SchoemanScience CommunicationSci Enza
Helettia DansterScience CommunicationSci Enza
Lucky NedambaleAnimal biotechnologyAgricultural Research Council (ARC)
Prof Mark LaingPlant healthUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Dr Nonhlanhla KhumaloDermatologyGroote Schuur Hospital/University of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Johan BurgerPlant biotechnology and GMOsStellenbosch University
Prof Hassan KayaAfrican Indigenous Knowledge SystemsUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Nicolas NovitskyStem CellsUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Mlawule MashegoWaste treatment and utilisationFormer CSIR
Prof Gail ToddDermatologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Joe MoleteBiotechnologyCSIR
Dr PV AdrianVaccinology- Molecular diagnosticsUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Anthony AfolayanPhytomedicine- In vitro toxicology- Ethnopharmacology- Antimicrobial compound - Isolation and characterisation- Ethnobotany- Drugs from plants- Bioprospecting- Plant sciencesUniversity of Fort Hare (WSU)
Dr Olayinka Ayobami AiyegoroMicrobiology- Plant Biotechnology- Pharmaceutical SciencesAgricultural Research Council
Dr Bamikole AmigunCost engineering- Waste to energy/Renewable Energy- Conversion of resource- sustainability assessment- prioritisation of technologies- life cycle costing of projects- long term economic viability- energy system planning/forecasting- risk assessment of energy technologies
Prof Patrick ArbuthnotBioinformatics- Toxicology- Antioxidants- HIV therapeuticsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Mario AriattiHepatitis B virus- Gene therapy- RNA interferenceUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Dirk U BellstedtBiochemistry- Medical biochemistry- Molecular biology- Biomedical sciences- Pharmaceutical sciencesUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof DK BergerMolecular systematics- Molecular biology (Plant)- Animal vaccinesStellenbosch University
Dr PO BessongMolecular plant pathology- BioinformaticsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Lyn-Marie BirkholtzMolecular genetics- Microbiology- HIV therapeutics- Drugs from plants- HIV - Drug resistanceUniversity of Venda (Univen)
Prof Frank BrombacherMicrobiology- Virology- Disease control- Veterinary biotechnologyUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Faizal BuxAnimal biotechnologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Gerald ChegeCellular immunology- HIV vaccine - South Africa- HIV pathogenesis- Animal models for aidsUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Michael ChimonyoAnimal production- Animal breeding- Genetic resourcesUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Evans ChirwaEnvironmental biotechnology- Water - Environmental biotechnology- Environmental modelling- Environmental microbiology- Environmental engineeringUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Prof Alan ChristoffelsBioinformatics- Genomics- Host-pathogen interactionUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Prof Sean DavisonDNA forensics- Population genetics- Mitochondria- DNA sequencing- Forensic DNA fingerprinting- DNA markers- DNA sequencing analysis- Human molecular genetics- Human geneticsUniversity of Limpopo
Dr Patrick H DemanaFormulation and drug deliveryUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Heinrich W DirrProtein biochemistry and structural biologyStellenbosch University
Prof Maret Du ToitOenology- Biotechnology- Wine microbiology- Lactic acid bacteriaUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof George EkamaWastewater treatment- Waste water process design- Water treatment- bioprocess engineering- Water chemistryUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Kobus EloffPhytomedicine- Antibacterial compounds- Antifungal drugs- Drugs from plants- Phytopharmacology- Drug testing - Plants- Herbal medicine- Animal biotechnology- Agricultural biotechnology- Animal healthUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Jill FarrantPlant molecular biology- Free radicals- Stress proteins- Proteomics- Antioxidants- Photosynthesis- Plant Metabolomics- Ultrastructure- Desiccation toleranceStellenbosch University
Prof Johann GorgensBioenergy- Bioprocess engineeringUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Sue HarrisonWastewater treatment- Biohydrometallurgy- Algal biotechnologyStellenbosch University
Prof Edmund Petrus JacobsBiotechnology- Science and technology- Economic growth- International competitivenessUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Lodewyk KockDrug discoveryUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)
Prof Anna KramvisVirology- Molecular biology- BioinformaticsCape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
Dr Tukayi KudangaBiocatalysis- Lignocellulose- Antioxidants- Environmental biotechnology- Antimicrobials- BiotransformationsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Prof Karl KunertPlant biotechnology- Plant biochemistryUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Johnson LinBiotechnology- Medical microbiology- Environmental biotechnology- BioremediationUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Derek LitthauerMetagenomic libraries- Protein chemistry- Biotechnology- bacterial genomics- Metagenomics- Enzymes- metagenomicsStellenbosch University
Dr JR LloydSugarcane biotechnology- Carbohydrates - Metabolism- Cell wallsUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Prof Ndiko LudidiPlant molecular biology- Plant biotechnology- Plant biochemistry- Plant stress physiology- Plant signalling- Plant functional genomics- Plant genetic transformationUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Darren MartinBioinformatics- VirologyTshwane University of Tec
Prof Maggy NB MombaWaste water re-use- Groundwater contamination- Industrial water management- Environmental biotechnology- Industrial waste water- Health related water microbiology- Wastewater bioremediation- Wastewater treatment- Nanotechnology- Drinking waterUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Prof Louis H NelMolecular epidemiology- Rabies- Virology- Animal virology- Zoonoses- Virus diagnosis- Veterinary biotechnology- Viral vaccines- Virus epidemiologyUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Dr Damaris A OdenyAgricultural biotechnologyAgricultural Research Council
Prof AI OkohApplied microbiology- Environmental microbiology- Health related water microbiology- Pharmaceutical microbiology- Microbial biotechnologyUniversity of Fort Hare (WSU)
Dr Ademole O OlaniranEnvironmental microbiology- Microbial ecology- Microbial biotechnology- Bioremediation- BiodegradationUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Hugh G PattertonBioinformatics- EpigeneticsUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Bala PillayAgricultural biotechnology- Water and effluent management- Biomining micro-organisms- Industrial microbiology- Biotechnology- Biofilms- Biosensors- Irrigation water - Quality- Microbe/heavy metal interaction- Microbial controlUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof JC PretoriusSugar metabolism- Plant production and Agromony- Plant Physiology- Plant Biochemistry- Agricultural biotechnology- Natural products from plants- Product development- Stress physiologyUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Bernard A PriorGlycerol metabolism in yeasts- Lignocellulose bioconversion & biotechnology- Osmostress response- Yeast biotechnologyStellenbosch University
Dr Tom J ScribaT cells- Mycobacterium tuberculosis- Vaccines- Innate immunityUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Dionne N ShepherdPlant Biotechnology- Plant virologyUniversity of Cape Town (UCT)
Dr Moganavelli SinghBiotechnology- Morphology- Molecular and cell biologyUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Suren SinghBiotechnology- Enzymes- Science and technologyDurban University of Technology (DUT)
Prof Martie S SmitMetabolic engineering- Genetic Engineering- Biotransformations- Bioinformatics- Microbiology- Biocatalysis- Biochemistry- Microbiology- Bioprospecting- Enzymology- Biotransformations and microbiologyUniversity of Free State (UFS)
Prof Marla TuffinExtremophiles- Plant-microbe interactions- Genetic engineering- Biotechnology- Bacterial biotechnology- Metagenomics- Gene discovery- Biomining micro-organisms- Marine biotechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)
Prof Altus ViljoenPlant pathology- Microbiology- BiotechnologyStellenbosch University
Prof Melane A VivierPlant Metabolomics- Molecular biology- Plant biotechnology- Plant biotechnology- Plant functional genomics- Plant Metabolomics- Grapevine Biotechnology- Plant functional genomics- Molecular biologyStellenbosch University
Dr Heinrich VolschenkGenetic engineering- BiotechnologyStellenbosch University
Prof Louise WarnichHuman molecular genetics- PharmacogeneticsStellenbosch University
Prof M Paula WattPlant biotechnology- Plant physiology- Propagation- Tissue culture- Crop productivityUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof Brenda D WingfieldGenomics- Phylogenomics- Fungal biodiversity- Fungal genetics- Fungal disease diagnostics- Fungal molecular biology- Fungal population biology- Fungal viruses- Phylogenetics- Population geneticsUniversity of Pretoria (UP)
Dr Nonhlangabezo MabubaMetal specialization in water and waste water biosensors for metal removal in waterUniversity of Johannesburg (UJ)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Ms Hlengiwe RadebeSustainability- Climate Change- Urban Green SpacesUniversity of Witwatersrand (Wits)Public Presentation and WriterYes
Ms Nokuthula RamatsomaAgricultureAgricultural Research Council (ARC)Yes
Dr Philiswa Nosizo NomngongoEvery aspect of Analytical Chemistry- nanotecnology and green chemistryUniversity of Johannesburg (UJ)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Thabo NkambuleNanotechnology and water sustainability- drinking and wastewater treatmentUniversity of South Africa (Unisa)Public Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Dr Nobanathi MaxakatoNanotechnology- Materials Science and ElectrochemistryUniversity of Johannesburg (UJ)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Ms Lerato MzondiNanotechnologyUniversity of Western Cape (UWC)Public Presentation -Reviewer- Writer-Radio and TelevisionYes
Dr Jan- Petrus Karel ReynhardtChemistry- Catalysis- Alternative Energy- Petrochemical- Plant Operations- Intellectual Property Management- Research and DevelopmentPublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Dr Michelle HamerBiodiversitySANBIPublic Presentation- Reviewer and WriterYes
Neerish RevaprasaduNanonanotechnologyPublic Presentation- Writer and RadioYes
Dr Essa SulemanMicriobology- Biotechnology- Molecular BiologyNational Zoological GardensPublic Presentation- ReviewerYes
Prof Esther AkinlabiLaser Additive Manufacturing- 3D Printing- Friction Stir Welding- Materials CharacterizationsUniversity of Johannesburg (UJ)Public Presentation- Reviewer- WriterYes
Prof Pieter KrugerBiokinetics- Sports ScienceUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio- TelevisionYes
Prof Tiaan de JagerEnvironmental Endocrine Disruptors and Health- Malaria- Male ReproductionUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio- TelevisionYes
Ms Gerda GerickeNutritionUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer-Yes
Prof Jacquie van der WaalsPlant pathologyUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- Radio- TelevisionYes
Dr Marietjie van RooyenFamily Medicine- Medical EducationUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- RadioNo
Dr Michael van der LaanCrop and Soil Science- Agricultural Water QualityUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- WriterYes
Prof Riette de KockSensory ScienceUniversity of PretoriaPublic Presentation- Reviewer- RadioYes
Mr Adedamola ShoboSolar Thermal EnergyNorthwest UniversityPublic Presentation- WriterYes
Mr Tsholofelo MogaleComputer ScienceNorthwest UniversityPublic Presentation- Reviewer- BloggerYes
Mrs Mapula MavhunguChemical EngineeringTshwane University of Technology (TUT)Public PresentationYes
Mr Rhiyaad MohamedChemical EngineeringUniversity of Cape TownPublic Presentation- Reviewer- WriterYes
Dr Maluta MufamadiNanotechnology and BiotechnologyNABIO Consulting (Pty) LtdPublic Presentation- Reviewer- Writer- RadioYes
Ms Zaheera AhmedChemistry and Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Cape TownPublic PresentationNo
Dr Previn NaickerProteomics and Molecular DiagnosticsCSIRWriterYes