Science festivals are mass participation, public events comprising of Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) activities that celebrate science in a festive, fun-filled, and exciting way. Festival activities include lectures, exhibitions, and live demonstrations of experiments, workshops, guided tours, and panel discussions. Some science festivals may also incorporate cultural events such as theatre plays, all with the aim of involving the public in exploring the different facets of SET.

The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), together with SAASTA build on foundations laid by various existing campaigns, which have been successful in incrementally raising public awareness of science in people’s daily lives. The aforementioned is done by means of funding support, as well as participation in the events.

The DSI has adopted the Science Engagement Strategy which intends to develop a society that is knowledgeable about science, critically engaged and scientifically literate. Science festivals aim to achieve four of the Science Engagement Strategy goals, namely:

  • To popularise science, engineering, technology and innovation as attractive, relevant and accessible in order to enhance scientific literacy and awaken interest in relevant careers.
  • To develop a critical public that actively engages and participates in the national discourse of science and technology to the benefit of society.
  • To promote science communication  that will enhance science engagement in  South Africa
  • To profile South Africa science and science achievements domestically and internationally demonstrating their contribution to national development and global science, thereby enhancing its public standing

Festivals in SA

DSI Funded Festivals

  • Eding International Science Festival
  • Mpumalanga Festival
  • Science Tube
  • Science Unlimited
  • Scifest Africa
  • ScopeX
  • Rural Education Festival
  • ZuluFest

Upcoming festivals and other related events

Click here to find out more about all the upcoming science festivals and other related events throughout the country.

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