Access to grant funding

Two approaches will be used to enable public universities to access funding:

  1. SAASTA will annually publish a call for community-based research proposals from qualifying universities. In order to enable alignment with the government financial year, the entire process, including assessment of proposals and relevant contracting will have to be completed by the 31st of March of the outgoing financial year so that grant payments are made to universities during the first quarter of the new financial year.
  2.  Emergency requests for community-based research grant funding will be accommodated, depending on the surrounding circumstances. Emergency requests refer to those proposals that will be submitted to SAASTA without a call, but prompted by an urgent community need to get better informed for participation in a discussion and/or take evidence-based decision. For a request to qualify under this category, the timeframes for the matter under consideration will be a deciding factor.


How to apply for a grant

Click HERE to apply for a grant.