Nanje Sheni

FameLab SA 2017 Runner Up

What are you currently doing (studies/work)?

I am working as a chemical engineer in a mining technology company. I work in the flotation group.

What drove you to enter FameLab?

My manager actually put my name down, but I was excited for the experience.

How did you find your FameLab experience? What still stands out today?

It was amazing. What still stands out for me are the people I met and the semi-finals training session, I learned so much there.

How did your perceptions about science communication and public engagement with science change through participating in FameLab?

I learn a lot more about explaining what you do in simple terms and how we scientists and engineers often assume people know what we’re talking about when actually they don’t.

Did FameLab impact you in any other way?

FameLab opened doors for me in terms of speaking engagements and interviews. I am so grateful for them.

What would you say to young scientists thinking about taking part in FameLab?

I’d say go for it! There is nothing like it and, irrespective of winning, you gain so much more from the training and experience, and you become a much better speaker for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.