Dr Mamoeletsi Mosia Participates in the Annual Youth Career Exhibition

18 June 2024


Dr Mosia Challenging learners to solve the educational puzzles that she exhibited

Dr Mamoeletsi Mosia, the Managing Director of NRF-SAASTA, participated in the Youth Day Career Exhibition at The Freeway Tabernacle in Soweto on Saturday 15 June 2024. The event was attended by more than 150 learners from neighbouring schools as well as young people from the church.

A number of speakers spoke about different careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among others, while giving the young people an idea of what the workplace is like.

Dr Mosia’s talk focused on the importance of furthering one’s studies beyond a Bachelor’s degree, especially in careers where Master’s and Doctoral degrees are important for one to be able to further their careers. She also had one-on-one engagements with the learners, answering their questions on the requirements for different careers, while also challenging them to solve the educational puzzles that she exhibited.