Advancing Science Engagement Partnerships in Europe: EUSEA Conference 2024

23 May 2024

Image : Global Panel Discussion

Dr Mamoeletsi Mosia, the Managing Director of NRF-SAASTA, recently participated in the European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA) Conference 2024, held in Georgia in Eastern Europe. This annual conference is a significant event for professionals and organisations dedicated to enhancing public engagement with science across Europe and beyond.

During the conference, Dr Mosia contributed to a panel discussion entitled Future Identities in Public Engagement – Where Might We Be in 5 Years?. The panel explored the evolving landscape of public engagement with science, focused on how emerging trends and technological advancements might shape the field over the next half-decade. Dr Mosia, known for her insights and expertise, discussed innovative strategies and the importance of inclusivity in the engagement with diverse communities with scientific knowledge.

The EUSEA Conference 2024 attracted a wide array of participants, including scientists, educators, policymakers, and engagement practitioners from various member organisations. The event provided a platform for the exchange of ideas, to share best practices, and to foster collaborations aimed at the improvement of science communication and public engagement initiatives globally.

Image :Future Identities In Public Engagement

In addition to her role on the panel discussion, Dr Mosia took the opportunity to meet with the EUSEA board members. These meetings were productive and focused on the exploration of potential collaborations between NRF-SAASTA and EUSEA. Such partnerships are expected to enhance the impact of science engagement activities and promote cross-cultural exchanges of knowledge and methodologies.

The conference covered various aspects of public engagement with science, including the use of digital tools, community-based projects, and strategies to make science accessible to all segments of society. Sessions and workshops addressed contemporary challenges and opportunities in science communication and provided attendees with valuable insights and practical skills.

Dr Mosia’s participation in the EUSEA Conference 2024 highlights NRF-SAASTA’s commitment to the advancement of science engagement on a global scale. By building international networks and through collaboration with organisations such as EUSEA, NRF-SAASTA aims to enrich the public’s understanding of science and foster a culture of curiosity and critical thinking.