Lungelo Tshabangu
Lungelo Tshabangu

Born in the early 90s as the only child to a culturally diverse, warm-hearted and loving family, Lungelo Tshabangu is the first person in his family to take up radio broadcasting and to introduce it to a whole new audience.

Lungelo is a multitalented media practitioner with a variety diverse set of skills and an open mind. He also loves his gadgets and trying new ground-breaking technologies that he finds fascinating. He loves listening to all kinds of music, most especially deep and soulful afro house. He believes that music can trigger all sorts of emotions with different kinds of people and this has pushed him to become a professional DJ.

He enrolled for an IT course for a year and later decided to take the plunge into the media industry by studying for a 3 year Diploma in Media Practice. This elevated his imagination by learning how radio broadcasting is done “it’s all about visualising the listener you are talking to.” He has worked on campus radio and has volunteered for 2 community radio stations, to polish his skills. His main goal is to one day run his own station that fills in a gap in radio.

Lungelo is currently working for Radio Bushbuckridge FM 88.4 as a broadcast journalist and hosts 2 weekly shows that focus on scientific and technological advancements in our African continent and around the world. The aim is to educate and inform our listeners about science and technology. Human interest topics are also on the cards.

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