Lihle Dlova

The award winning News Reader, Lihle Dlova is a young journalist paving her way into the news and current affairs radio industry, which requires precision and excellence.

Being one of the best news readers in the community radio in East London, voted by listeners, she is driven by passion and hunger to be at the top of her game. Doing voiceovers for BCM’s community radio stations, a writer by talent and a poet by gift, Lihle’s aim is to not only entertain, but also educate thirsty minds.

The Broadcasting and Journalism graduate is originally from Mdantsane, which is the second biggest township in South Africa. Her heart is kept beating by people’s stories who are voiceless.

Currently she is hosting Kumkani FM’s breakfast show, Monday to Friday, and, on Sundays, she brings science and technology stories made simple for the community on a science current affairs show.

Being granted the opportunity to be a Science and Technology Journalism intern at SAASTA has given me a clear direction of the path that I should take as a broadcaster and a journalist

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