Invitations to apply for grant funding towards science engagement programmes is open to institutions/organisations that are specified in each Grant Call for Proposals.  The success of their applications will be based on how well they respond to requirements as stipulated in each Science Engagement Grant Calls for Proposals.

The following are five broad categories of designated institutions that were identified by the NRF Board in November 2018, as being eligible for funding only after due process has been followed and satisfied.

(a) Accredited Science Centres,

(b) Museums, Botanical Gardens, Zoos,

(c) Science Councils and

(d) Public Universities

Due process includes:

  • Applying within set timelines, in the correct format, on stipulated templates;
  • Responding to all requirements in the Calls for proposals;
  • Entering into a binding grant contract with project delivery and payments terms- thereby agreeing to its contents and stipulations;
  • Carrying out project activities as agreed to;
  • and finally, meeting all stipulated reporting requirements.