Brief Overview

Eskom EXPO for Young Scientists (EXPO) is a practical, “grassroots” and higher-level enterprise that engages young people in project work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI). It is well positioned to develop the inquiring mind of the youth using research to ignite passion around science among our learners.

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 to 12 – Regional level & Grade 6 to 10 – National level

Hosted by

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

What is the benefit

  1. Learners with innovative and original projects have the chance of being selected to represent South Africa at International Science
  2. Explore your scientific career from one of the twenty-four categories offered by Eskom Expo for Young Scientists.
  3. Many past winners have furthered their careers in science based on the projects they submitted to the Eskom Expo for Young
  4. Win participation certificates, medals, cash, laptops
  5. Win fantastic prizes for your school and

Who we target

EXPO functions at all levels ranging from the individual student in the classroom to the provincial education departments, and spreads out to tertiary education institutions, commerce and industry.

How does it work

Learners can enter their own individual projects, or a maximum of two learners can work together on a paired  project. Learners may enter one project in one Eskom Expo region per year. There are 24 different categories in which a project can be accommodated.

What will it cost

Please contact your nearest region as the registration fees varies from each region.

What do we get

By participating in Eskom Expo, learners will increase their awareness of the wonders of science and engineering, add to their knowledge and explore entrepreneurial possibilities, while broadening their scientific horizons.

Competition timelines

Regional Expos – July to September (35 regions) Eskom Expo International Science Fair

3 – 6 October 2017


Rancia Riba


Tel: (011) 894 1365