• Conquesta Olympiads was started in 1998 by Lillian Hoogervorst as an external activity for primary school children, from all walks of life, in all the provinces of South Africa, as well as neighbouring African countries – so that ALL children, no matter what their academic abilities, have an opportunity to be encouraged by the excitement of participating in an external Olympiad and being rewarded for same. Conquesta Olympiads are multiple choice question papers which challenge learner knowledge in the various subjects on offer (like a written quiz). New papers are written each year. Past papers are available for revision, both at home and in the classroom. The Olympiads do not interfere with the school’s curriculum nor with the examinations. Learners can participate in all or any number of the Olympiads. All exam papers are CAPS compliant.

Entry requirements

All learners, regardless of their academic capabilities, should be given the opportunity to participate. Our entry forms can be downloaded from our website at or you can contact us and we will email you entry forms. Entries must be submitted on our Excel entry forms and need to reach us by our closing date each year – usually at the end of April, latest end of May. However, during the Covid 19 lockdowns, we have lifted the closing date so that schools can write whenever it suits them. This will be in place until things settle.

Hosted by

Conquesta Olympiads are coordinated by Conquesta. The schools invigilate the Olympiads on the given dates, or whenever suitable to them during the Covid 19 disruptions. Please note that no teacher training is required.


Every child can be exposed to the excitement of participation in an external Olympiad. The layout of our papers is set to encourage rather than disenchant, and is aimed at learner participation and enjoyment.

  • In time for year-end prize giving, EVERY participant will receive an A4 colour certificate, no matter what their results. The school also receives a certificate reflecting the average achievement, calculated from the top 10 results in each subject/grade.
  • Educators can measure learners’ abilities against the national and international averages (computed from participating schools).
  • The Results List, which participating schools receive together with their certificates at the end of October each year, reflect each child’s results and the school’s averages by grade and subject.
  • The national averages are posted on our website early the following year.
  • A separate listing of statistics for grades 4 – 9 Mathematics, Science & Technology is also provided to enable schools to assess their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects by grade and learning area. These are called MLA, SLA and TLA reports.
  • We have many years of past papers available, which can be used to prepare the learners for the Olympiads, as well as for use in the classroom throughout the year. These past papers can be ordered online at, or you can contact Claire Allen at our office on (031) 764 1972.


Conquesta Olympiads are open to every single learner, from grade 1 through to grade 9, in South Africa and neighbouring countries (Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland).

How it works

We supply everything by courier service, and there is minimal work or expense from the school’s side. For schools collecting finance form parents, we provide a typed letter to parents for you to copy and send home with the learners, so they can select subjects and collect finances. Just follow the simple procedures, which will be provided. Exam papers are couriered to participating schools towards the end of July each year. We provide personalized exam papers for grades 1-3 and personalized answer sheets with exam papers for grades 4-9 – for every participating learner. All the simple instructions are included. Educators only need to invigilate each Olympiad on the given date. At the end of the final Olympiad, all the grade 1-3 papers and grade 4-9 answer sheets are to be returned to Conquesta for marking. We mark the papers and then courier certificates and results back to the school by end of October, in time for the end of year prize giving.


R24 once-off registration fee for each learner, plus R22 per learner for each subject being written.


The schools and every learner receive a certificate. (See ‘Benefits’ above.) Schools can compare their results to the national averages. Schools receive reports (refer to ‘Benefits?’ above.”) Schools, who meet the criteria of number of participants, are automatically included in our Top 20 calculations. We have had learners from the poorest and most remote areas, who have shone and brought their schools recognition.

Competition timelines

Usually, the exams are written in August (for 4 Term Schools) and in September (three term schools) every year. However, during the Covid 19 disruptions, we have given schools the opportunity to write on the dates which best suit their agenda.


Melanie Mengel or Hazel Raath (031) 7641972

Project Coordinator: Lillian Hoogervorst.

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