Boitshepo Gopane
Boitshoko Segolodi

Boitshoko Segolodi was born and bred in a small rural village called Mocweding in Taung in the North West province. She is the third child from a big family of seven siblings, and the first child to go to university in the family.

She obtained a degree in Communication and Sociology from North West University, Mahikeng campus, in 2016. She currently a science journalist intern at the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement hosted by Mafisa FM, a community radio station in Rustenburg in the North West province.

She kicked-off her career at Ngwenya Attorneys as a communication office volunteer, where she developed her love for law. She later combined her communication degree with law and enrolled for an honours degree in media law

As a science journalist intern, she covers science and technology related stories. Her focus point is on educating and raising awareness about science and technology using one of the indigenous languages in South Africa, in her case being Setswana. She is determined to make science and technology relatable, understood and less complex to all community members. The only way to achieve that is through using the languagethey speak and understand.

She researches, develops and produces science and technology stories, as well as general stories that affect the community of Rustenburg. She will be focusing more on the new research done by North West University Mafikeng campus, as it is more relatable to her community, as well as the North West science centre that is located on the North West University Mafikeng campus.

She is so excited about this endeavor. She is determined to  make science and technology less complex and a common topic that can be discussed by anyone at any time, e.g. strangers in a taxi.

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