NRF-SAASTA making science accessible at the Presidential Imbizo

6 November 2023

Image: NRF-SAASTA at work

NRF-SAASTA together with the CSIR, UNISA Science Engagement Centre, North West University Science Centre and North West Centre for Science and Innovation represented the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) at the Presidential Imbizo that took place at Ikageng sports Complex, Potchefstroom (Dr Kenneth Kaunda district municipality) North West province on 20 October 2023, under the theme “Leave No One Behind”.
The aim of the Presidential Imbizo was to create an interactive platform for the President, Ministers and the provincial leadership to engage with communities and find solutions to socio-economic challenges confronting them on a daily basis.

Image: Communities at the marque with the President

More so, to intensify provision of services, promote social cohesion and advance developmental programmes that are aimed at creating economic opportunities for locals. As part of the Imbizo various departments and state owned entities showcased the numerous opportunities available to mainly the youth and NRF-SAASTA presented the community with various science career guidance material and shared with them information on the importance of STEM subjects and related careers in servicing the communities through service delivery and in building the sustainable environment.
Through the Imbizo and interaction with the community NRF-SAASTA was able to promote public interest, awareness and appreciation of science, engineering and technology; create enthusiasm among the youth and public for the wonder and application of science; and this also invited people to share their views on how science impacts society, especially where moral and ethical issues are concerned.
“The Imbizo has provided a platform for NRF-SAASTA to advance public awareness, appreciation and engagement of science, engineering and technology. Our participation has stimulated the North West province youth’s interest in science and showcased career opportunities in the science related streams,” said Happy Vilakazi, NRF-SAASTA project coordinator.
The guests at the Imbizo were treated to different disciplines in STEMI such as the application of drone technology in the communication sector and the importance of robotics in automation.