NRF-SAASTA joins Pretoria in celebrating Springboks “Rugby World Cup 2023” victory

7 November 2023

In a jubilant display of national pride and unity, the streets of Pretoria were filled with cheers and applause as the Springbok rugby team paraded through the heart of the city, celebrating their remarkable victory in the Rugby World Cup 2023. The NRF-SAASTA team joined in the festivities, adding an extra layer of enthusiasm to the already electrifying atmosphere. The parade, which commenced at the iconic Union Buildings, saw the Springbok players hoisting the coveted Rugby World Cup trophy high in the air, symbolising their triumph on the global stage. The NRF-SAASTA, situated at the Didacta building on Nana Sita Street, became a focal point for the celebration, with employees and onlookers expressing their unbridled joy and pride for the victorious team.

As the parade made its way towards Stanza Bopape Street and onwards to Church Square, the streets were lined with excited fans donned in the green and gold of the national team. The air resonated with the sounds of vuvuzelas, drums, and the harmonious chants of “Bokke! Bokke!” echoing throughout the city. The NRF-SAASTA team, known for their commitment to science and education, brought a unique blend of passion to the celebration, showcasing that South Africa’s achievements extend beyond the realm of sports.

The Springbok victory parade not only celebrated the team’s athletic prowess but also served as a moment of unity for the diverse people of South Africa. The nation, facing various challenges, found solace and inspiration in the success of the rugby team, emphasising the power of sports to bring people together. The parade route, winding through the heart of Pretoria, allowed citizens from all walks of life to witness and share in the joyous occasion. The Springboks’ journey, from the Union Buildings to Church Square, was a testament to the resilience and determination that has come to define South Africa’s spirit.

The NRF-SAASTA’s participation in the celebration underscored the importance of supporting not only scientific and educational endeavours but also recognising and applauding achievements that uplift the nation’s collective spirit. As the parade concluded, the Springbok team and the NRF-SAASTA left an indelible mark on the streets of Pretoria, creating memories that will be cherished for generations to come.