NRF-SAASTA Engages Young Minds at the Moshal Program Boot Camp

06 February 2024

A stimulating science exhibition was presented by NRF-SAASTA professionals to more than 200 bright, young minds in an effort to highlight NRF-SAASTA’s dedication to engagement and excellence in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The presentation took place at the Moshal Program Boot Camp, which ran from 11 to 17 January 2024 at Magalisburg, Mogale city.

The Moshal Program is a global organisation operating in South Africa and Israel, working for social change, providing thousands of young people from challenging, disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds with an unparalleled opportunity to turn their lives around through higher education.

The aim of the Boot Camp is to expose learners to STEM careers by providing them the opportunities to pursue STEM degrees at universities and cultivating values and soft skills that are essential for successful professions.

“It was inspiring to watch young aspirants embrace networking and teamwork during the week. We hope that the learners gained knowledge and skills from our 4IR display that would help them in the future,” said Beatrice Mkhize from NRF-SAASTA.

NRF-SAASTA presented the importance of STEM and the 4IR Careers and exposed the learners to STEM with interactive exhibits and mathematical puzzles to unlock curiosity and interest towards STEM.