Meet Ms. Dorothy Mlambo

Ms. Dorothy Mlambo

DOROTHY MLAMBO is the Centre Manager of the Christoph Meyer Maths & Science Centre, in the Umkhanyakude district in KwaZulu-Natal. She has a Bachelor of Education Degree in Science Education and through hosting STEMI projects, Olympiads, and competitions in the rural area of Mseleni she has become familiar with grassroots rural education. In 2012, she started a youth development program for those who failed Maths and Science. Through her involvements in STEMI education, she has promoted science awareness and contributed to developing scientific literacy of learners. The introduction of coding and robotics to the rural area and making STEM skills and knowledge hands-on and fun has been a dream realised. The motto of the Christoph Meyer Maths & Science Centre is certainly inspiring: “We see light where others don’t!”