Meet Dr. Angela Stott

Dr. Angela Stott

Dr Angela Stott has mentored hundreds of Science Expo projects over her 20-year school teaching career and 10-year work in teacher-education, which included mentorship of learners and teachers in South African township schools as part of the University of the Free State, South Campus’s Social Responsibilities Projects. Many of the learners Angela has mentored achieved regional, national and international awards for their projects. Angela has written a learner workbook, Experimental Investigations, to guide learners to produce high quality Expo projects, and has run numerous teacher workshops throughout South Africa on how to teach learners to perform investigations for Expo.

Angela holds BSc (Hons), MEd and PhD in Science education, degrees. In addition to teaching, materials development and teacher education, Angela is actively involved in research in the areas of promotion of deep learning in science, science literacy, use of technology in science education, science teacher development, and inquiry learning, including the learning that occurs during participation in the Expo for Young Scientists Competition.

Angela has published several academic articles, and has mentored several postgraduate students in their research, within these fields. Angela has made the hundreds of science teaching-movies that she has created over a 15-year period, including many related to performing investigations, freely available on her popular YouTube channel. This is easily accessible, together with other resources, on her website: