Saving Electricity Can Benefit Society

In South Africa, electricity generation and supply has already reached a crisis point and results in regular loadshedding and blackouts due to deteriorating infrastructure skills shortages and corruption charges within…

Daylighting Viable to Reduce Energy Demand in Residential Homes

Power outages have become a fact of life in South Africa. The persistent energy crisis due to aging power plants and increasing demand has made energy an issue of availability rather than affordability…

Can Waste Tyres be Used to Generate Electricity?

The accumulation of waste tyres present an economic and environmental challenge for South Africa – as the population increases so will the economic need for transportation. South Africa generates over 177 385 tons of waste…

SA Could Produce More Renewable Energy

South Africa’s power utility, Eskom, has not been able to provide a steady electricity supply for several years now. At the start…

Crime and Well-Being: How High Crime Rates Affect Our Lives

That South Africa is faced with a serious crime problem is undisputed. It is considered one of the…

Understanding Xenophobic Hate Crime in South Africa

Recent developments in South Africa have reignited violent anti-immigrant hate crimes. With hundreds of xenophobic hate crimes recorded in the last 20 years…

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Multimedia Gallery

Webinar – The role of traditional medicine in modern healthcare systems

The main purpose of the webinar was to contribute to profiling the field of African Traditional Medicine, highlighting the critical role of THPs in the healthcare of many people in rural (and urban) areas.

SANPARKS Kgodumodumo Documentary

SANParks “Making it through science” Flipping & Blending Environmental Interpretation & Awareness for the 21st Century Learning & Education for & in Sustainable Development

University of Zululand (Science Centre) Presentation NSW 2021

Spinning in Sport and Space – how the Olympics helps us to understand space!

A fun talk for the whole family by Dr Derek Fish of Unizulu Science Centre

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5 October 2022 

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