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Schools Debates 2017

SAASTA is currently in the process of selecting multiple service providers to implement this year’s competition in each province on behalf of SAASTA. Once the process has been completed, a list of appointed service providers will be made available on our website.

This year’s competition will change slightly compared to previous years, but still promises to be exciting and fun for learners. Schools will no longer be requested to enter the competition by means of an essay. A call will be sent out in May to interested schools to participate in the competition for 2017. Schools will be selected on the basis of their performance at provincial workshops. The provincial workshop will have two main objectives. The first half of the workshop will focus on training  and delve into the debating style, research methodology and the use of social media to discuss ideas. The second half of the workshop will involve a mini-debate, which will be adjudicated and from which a final selection of 10 teams to participate in the provincial competitions will be made.

Dates for the 2017 competition

  • Provincial workshops – 05 August 2017 (running concurrently in all provinces)
  • Provincial tournaments – 26 August, 02 September, 09 September (1 per province, 3 provinces per Saturday). Participating provinces will be announced at the provincial workshop.
  • National Final – 05 October 2017 (1 national tournament to be held at a central venue in Gauteng)