National Schools Debates Competition 2018

We invite all schools with a keen interest in debating – but in this instance from a scientific stance – to enter the 2018 SAASTA National Schools Debates Competition. The primary objective of the competition is to stimulate interest amongst learners to study towards careers in the fields of science, engineering and technology (SET) by researching and debating high-level topics. It also aims to advance public awareness, appreciation and engagement of science, technology and engineering in South Africa.

Who may enter?

Learners from grades 9 – 11 who are:

  • interested in developing their scientific research and information literacy skills;
  • critical thinkers; and
  • willing to work as a team to present logical, clear arguments. At least two of the learners must take science-related subjects at school.

How does it work?

The SAASTA Schools Debates structure is not based on proposition/opposition presentations, but allows debaters to engage with one another and move toward a common resolution. Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the mini-imbizos by means of which learners get to interact with one another and share ideas through breakaway discussions and by making use of social media.

The selection process

Due to its popularity and the fact that the competition is limited to 10 schools per province, the 10 schools will be selected at the provincial workshops based on how well the schools do in a “mini-debate”. All schools attending the workshop will be required to prepare and deliver an opening and closing statement from the perspective of their choice. A topic and guidelines will be provided to interested schools in due course.

How to enter?


Closing date

29 March 2018.

Get in touch with us

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