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Do your part;
it is never too
late to save the environment

  • By Staff Writer, SAASTA.

According to Ms Siphesihle Bukhosini, a hydrologist with over twelve (12) years practicing experience in the fields of environment, everyone can do their part in saving the planet. Sihle, as she is popularly known in the sector is a self-taught science communicator, believes that awareness and education has a critical part to play in the fight against climate change.

Hydrology, a scientific study of the movement, distribution and management of water.

Sihle believes that such actions calls for people that will be patient enough to engage the community about the need to take care for the environment so that it can take care of us and the generations to come. She believes that as South Africans we are not doing enough to care of our environment. Based on her experience of having been raised in the rural village, then moving into a busy city, her perception is that people do not care about the environment. “There are a lot of other pressing issues that the not so well-off citizens are grappling with than taking care of the environment”, she says. Sihle is of the view that South Africa is behind as compared to the rest of the world when it comes to environmental conservation. However, she also believes that there are pockets of areas that have made better strides.

“Environmental education play a massive role in the society, making an example with litter: as a society we have grown to believe that throwing a paper in town is creating a job for somebody else”, says Sihle. “We can learn from there and do our part, it is never too late, she emphasised. It all starts with one person. Do not be scared to start. South Africa is depending on you for a cleaner, healthier environment”, she added.

We need more awareness, practising, and monitoring in order for South Africa to catch-up with the rest of the world when it comes to practicing green economy. A strategy that will help the society to find beauty and income generation avenues in litter management is needed. Sihle’s advice to South Africans is that every person has a role to play. Sihle, who is currently the Principal for WESSA Sishen Environmental Education Centre started her journey in environmental education more than a decade ago, when she was exposed to Olwazini Education Centre in Pietermaritzburg.

“I thought to myself, I can take this to my village in KwaNgwanase, so that my community especially learners can have a science play centre that will enable them to think beyond their limited resource. I had to start somewhere all I had was the beautiful environment and clear skies. Being a hydrologist, I used what I had to bring awareness, appreciation and the love of the environment”, concluded Sihle.

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