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New facts about a mass extinction 260 million years ago
Around 260 million years ago, the earth was dominated by mammal-like reptiles called therapsids. The largest of these therapsids were the dinocephalians, a genus composed of several herbivorous and carnivorous species.

Scientific research is SA’s future
The recently published Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2018 line-up offers an interesting revelation, in that at least 40% of those identified are in scientific research, both natural and social, or related fields.

Youth ke Yona
In South Africa, we are represented by entities such as University South Africa and the NRF as presidents in assisting with research funds. Chief Executive Officer of University SA Professor Ahmed Bawa and vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Pretoria, Cheryl Merle de la Rey, elaborates…

Blood moon: The Lunar eclipse
A lunar eclipse will result in a blood moon hanging over the South African skyline on Friday 27 July. They say a rare spectacle only to be seen again in 2025. Dr Daniel Cunnama of South African Astronomical Observatory elaborates more.