Science Awareness Platform
StarLab Exhibition

StarLab is an igloo-shaped, portable inflatable planetarium. (It fits into three suitcase-sized containers.) Its outstanding use is to inspire especially children and young people as to the wonders of science through the medium of astronomy.

StarLab can accommodate between 30 children and 20 adults. It is therefore ideally suited to small, intimate groups. Persons applying to host StarLab must be technically inclined, knowledgeable about astronomy and above all, be very good presenters.

SAASTA, through its Museum of Science and Technology, makes StarLab available on a national basis to persons, institutions or communities who run science outreach programmes and have facilities and staff to operate StarLab and present astronomy programmes. To make it worthwhile and to attract as many visitors as possible, hosts should be prepared to accommodate StarLab for between one to three months. Emphasis is placed on making StarLab available to disadvantaged communities. No rental is charged but hosts will be responsible for transportation and insurance costs.