Science Communication
Public Communication of Science and Technology

7th International Conference on the Public Communication of Science and Technology
Cape Town, South Africa,
4 7 December 2002

For the first time the international Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network met in Africa. "Science Communication in a Diverse World" was the theme of this exciting international conference exploring innovative approaches in the public communication of science and technology. Science communication within different cultures and multi-cultural societies was a central theme. This conference provided a forum for leaders in science communication from around the globe to interact, with emphasis on enriching exchanges between developed and developing countries.

This was the 7th international biennial conference of the PCST Network. It is the main networking event of a global community of people committed to developing research and practice in this fast-developing field. The PCST Network's scientific committee is responsible for the conference content. The meeting was organised by FEST (now called SAASTA) in South Africa, with primary sponsorship from South Africa's Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Papers and presentations

Papers and presentations of the PCST-7 Conference are available for download.

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