Science and Data Journalism Online Workshops

Science Journalism Workshop


1. Ms. Adele Baleta

Independent Science Journalist.
Media Consultant and Journalism Trainer.

2. World Health Organisation:

Vaccine safety communications expert


Pandemic Monitor/advisor.

4. Vice President:

South African Science Journalists’ Association.


Science Journalism


Day 1: Introduction and Science and Society

Day 2: How Science Works and Dissecting a Science Paper

Day 3: Sources: the sweet, the sour and the yummy.

Day 4: Science of Vaccines, the infodemic and debunking myths and fake news

Day 5: How to Pitch a Story

Data Journalism Workshop


1. Mr. Adam Oxford

Acting Head of Digital, Mail & Guardian.
Co-author of Naked Data weekly newsletter.
Editor at Nightingale, the publication of the international Data Visualisation Society.

2. Mr. Paul Plantinga

Research Specialist, Human Sciences Research Council.
Project lead on Policy Action Network.

3. Mr. Malwande Ntlangula

NRF Science Communication Research Intern, Human Sciences Research Council.


Data Journalism


Day 1 – What is data-driven storytelling & the data pipeline

Day 2 – Where to find data & scoping a data-driven story

Day 3 – Preparing and analysing data

Day 4 – Building your story