October 2015
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Hydrogen awareness platform launches website

The Hydrogen South Africa Public Awareness, Demonstration and Education Platform (HySA PADEP), a Department of Science and Technology (DST) programme housed at SAASTA, has set up a website.

It targets researchers, scientists, industry, science centres, educators and learners, among others, who are contributing to the realisation of the Hydrogen Economy in South Africa.

The website aims to position HySA PADEP as a strategic platform of the DST that will create awareness to:

  • Effectively communicate HySA PADEP's mandate, vision, objectives and awareness activities;
  • Ensure continued stakeholder awareness, interest, buy-in and support;
  • Inform decision-making for a knowledge society and improved quality of life;
  • Communicate DST's policies and policy developments affecting South Africa's high frequency current transformer (HFCT) sector;
  • Profile researchers and career opportunities at facilities undertaking HFCT research;
  • Profile the state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure at facilities undertaking HFCT research.

"It gives us great pleasure to launch the website," said Mthuthuzeli Zamxaka, Programme Coordinator of the HySA Public Awareness, Demonstration and Education Platform at SAASTA. "Our utmost appreciation goes to the DST's Hydrogen and Energy Directorate for the investments made into creating this public awareness platform and their support over the years."

Critical success factors

The critical success factors of this communication platform will be measured by the number of users frequenting the website and the amount of content, including news, interviews, downloads, videos, research updates and announcements, made available to users of the website.

"The HySA PADEP team commits to providing relevant information in order to keep the public updated on the status of hydrogen and fuel cell technology," Zamxaka said.

The website address is www.hysa-padep.co.za. Meanwhile, HySA PADEP has created a Twitter account and the handle is: @hysa_outreach.

Staff Writer, SAASTA