July 2015
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Special award for Limpopo learner
National Science Olympiad Awards
Youth Science Focus Week
Showing career opportunities to girls
Africa Code Week
FameLab International Competition
My FameLab experience
Debates winners off to New York
Finding solutions to energy problems
Centenary of Proxima Centauri
Meet SAASTA's Gao Tiro
Refocusing our lens on our youth
Science on a research vessel
Partnership to conserve water
Managing freshwater resources
Rhodes and SAIAB promote science
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It's a fact!

Limpopo learner steals limelight with special award

The remarkable feats of Hamandishe Mathivha, a learner in the backwaters of Limpopo, inspired SAASTA to break with tradition and confer a Special Award at this year's National Science Olympiad Awards. More

Bright young minds honoured

The winners in the different categories of the 51st National Science Olympiad received a rich bounty of prizes, including laptops, iPads and cash vouchers. More

Top achievers experience the real world of science

The top performers in the National Science Olympiad attended SAASTA's Youth Science Focus Week to explore different career options in science, engineering and technology. More

Opinion poll

Should scientists be allowed to use gene-editing to alter the DNA of human embryos?

SAASTA exposes girl learners to exciting career opportunities

SAASTA inspired 65 girl learners to dream big when they visited the Johannesburg Observatory to learn more about career options in science, engineering and technology. More

Africa Code Week – training the trainers

Africa Code Week is a continent-wide initiative implemented by an international team to promote computer programming to Africa's youth, using freely available software. More

Young scientists talk science on a global stage

The FameLab International Competition in the UK brought together the cream of the crop in young science communication talent. The young voices for science wowed audiences at a packed final. More

My FameLab experience

Stevie Biffen, winner of FameLab SA 2015, reports on the highlights of the competition and the skills and insights she gained while competing with some of the best young science communicators in the world. More

Schools Debates winners jet off to New York

The winners of the SAASTA Schools Debates competition enjoyed an action-packed week in vibrant New York City, where they were hosted by the American Museum of Natural History. More

Finding creative solutions

The SAASTA Schools Debates place emphasis on finding creative solutions to problems. This year the teams debated whether biotechnology could be part of the solution to our country's electricity supply challenge. More

Centenary celebrations to mark discovery of Proxima Centauri

100 years ago South Africa made a significant discovery, which still today marks major international discoveries in Astronomy. We discovered the closest star to the Sun, Proxima Centauri. More

Meet the new custodian of the SAASTA brand, Gao Tiro

This self-confessed news junkie says he wanted to join SAASTA as he has always been interested in corporate communication. More

Refocusing our lens on our youth

SAASTA joined forces with key stakeholders to increase learner participation and improve performance standards in its Olympiads and competitions. More

Exploring science on board a research vessel

An educator, a learner and an intern give their perspectives on the education value of science undertaken for the Agulhas Systems Climate Array project. More

New partnership to conserve our precious water resources

One of the key objectives of the Amathole Freshwater Species Conservation Project is to empower communities to value the resources under their custodianship. More

Learners try their hand at managing freshwater resources

At an education outreach workshop, learners got to grips with water quality monitoring and testing, and an innovative water management simulation game. More

Rhodes University and SAIAB team up to promote science in local schools

An internship programme for high school learners in Grahamstown recruits learners who achieve exceptional marks and exposes them to some of the intricacies of science. More

In the news

Read about a high-speed transportation system that proposes to shoot passengers along tubes on a cushion of air, as well as DNA sleuthing that aims to protect Africa's elephants. More

Diarise these dates!

From the Mpumalanga Science Festival to National Science Week ... don't miss out on any of the exciting programmes on the SAASTA science advancement calendar. More

It's a fact!

If you don't think of spiders as cute and cuddly, then you've never met Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus. Scientists have discovered these new species of colourful peacock spiders in Australia. More