April 2014
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Opinion poll

This edition of GetSETgo highlights a number of initiatives and programmes aimed at:

  • sparking the interest of learners (and their parents) in science;
  • introducing learners to careers in science and technology;
  • sharpening the skills of learners, students and educators in science and maths;
  • enabling disabled learners to find out more about new scientific fields such as nanotechnology; and
  • equipping educators to convey intricate scientific concepts to their learners.

Given that South Africa's science and maths education performance was ranked second last in the world last year according to a World Economic Forum Report, do you think that South Africa is doing enough to build vital capacity in science, engineering and technology?

YES, the impact of South Africa's science education initiatives and programmes for learners, students and educators will soon start to make its presence felt.
NO, South Africa will have to intensify its efforts significantly to erase the substantial divide between its current ranking and the top countries in science and maths education.

Current results

Results of the previous opinion poll

Would you mind if researchers tapped into your mobile-phone data to better understand people's movements, social interactions and economic conditions?

Yes (93.33%)

No (6.67%)