April 2014
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The science of giving back

So much of our future depends on preparing our children to become well-educated adults. That's why we at SAASTA invest our time and resources to support communities around us, by mentoring and giving through our community outreach programmes.

Giving back to our communities has long been an important part of SAASTA's goal to help make the world a better place. As such, we go beyond our core mandate to support programmes that help enrich the lives of people in our communities.

Girl learners display the selection of books their school received

We are very fortunate to have realised one of our philanthropic goals of encouraging and keeping young future scientist in school during our "Science of Giving Back" crusades in Olievenhoutbosch early this year.

The learners at Philena Primary School in Olievenhoutbosch were presented with tons of SAASTA's science educational materials. We hope that these resources will contribute in spreading awareness about the importance of education and also encourage young learners to fall in love with science and mathematics.

SAASTA donated the following items to the school:

  • 25 office chairs for teachers
  • 1 wooden podium
  • 1 wooden bookshelf
  • 160 copies of "Sibo likes life" reading material
  • 30 copies of "Two wonders of gravity" posters
  • 18 containers of electricity kits
  • 20 electricity kit manuals for educators
  • 20 copies of "Our solar system" poster
  • 80 copies of "Famous Dinosaurs of Africa" books
  • 80 copies of "Blobs, Bubbles and Goo" booklets
  • 80 copies of "The crocodile who swallowed the sun" booklets
  • 5 boxes of "Super silly science games"
  • 20 copies of "Periodic table of the elements" foldout posters
  • 40 copies of "Clever science experiment" booklets

The learners were very excited about their new science educational materials. "I love science, one day I want to create my own spaceship," said one of the learners.

Dr Jabu Nukeri, Managing Director of SAASTA, is flanked by learners showing off their new sets of "Super silly science games"
Dr Nukeri lends a helping hand while the educator explains the wonders of gravity to the learners

These bold dreams make us at SAASTA realise that our contributions, however small, are making a significant difference in the lives of the children in our communities. As Malcolm Bane once said: "If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you'll end up not doing nothing for nobody."

Together with the NZG (National Zoological Gardens of South Africa) SAASTA also hosted an educational science excursion at the Pretoria Zoo for learners from Philena Primary School. The aim of the outing was to provide a rich science learning experience for the learners, as they learned more about wildlife.

Learners from Philena Primary School proudly display their SAASTA goodie bags during an excursion to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (NZG), hosted by SAASTA and the NZG
The learners are introduced to some of the animals in the NZG collection

"For SAASTA this is more than just a mandate; it is a social responsibility that defines our existence," says Dr Jabu Nureki, SAASTA's Managing Director.

Let's do a little more to uplift our communities!

By Daphney Molewa, Corporate Communicator, SAASTA