July 2013
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Debates winners in New York
SA learners scoop silver in Beijing
SA scientist impresses in FameLab
Nanotech draws attention in Kenya
SAASTA salutes David Block
Science Centre CEO awarded
Young science brainpower awarded
75 years of coelacanth research
Join in recording the diversity of life
Open your own Science Spaza
The Universe is expanding
"Space Skype" links kids
Coastal and marine science in SA
Internship programme
A scientist for a day
iThemba LABS - advancing knowledge
Ex ZooClub members' success
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Upcoming events
It's a fact!

Schools Debates winners hit the streets of New York

Crawford College's sizzling win in the Schools Debates competition won them an all-expenses-paid trip to the Big Apple. More

SA learners scoop silver in Beijing science competition

Monwabisi Dingane and Abongile Xeketwana braved chopsticks and language barriers to showcase their work in China. More

SA scientist impresses in FameLab International Final

Gifted science communicators like Michelle Knights create spaces for public engagement with science. More

Opinion poll

Science competitions inspire learners to take up careers in science. Have your say...

SAASTA salutes David Block - for bringing the stars within our grasp

This acclaimed astronomer has communicated science, and astronomy in particular, to the public for over 30 years. More

Science Centre CEO receives Top 200 Young South Africans Award

Candice Potgieter believes in Mandela's mantra - that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. More

SA's top young science brainpower awarded

Top performers in the National Science Olympiad stand a chance of winning a trip to the London International Youth Science Forum. More

Celebrating 75 years of coelacanth research

The second chapter in the series describes Prof. JLB Smith's quest to find a living coelacanth. More

Open your own Science Spaza, because "Knowledge is Ncah"!

Find the resources and tools you need to support your science club, or to set up a new science club in your school or community. More

Join the world in recording the diversity of life

Would you like to become involved in a Bioblitz to record the world's diversity in a single week? More

The Universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating pace

This is according to PhD graduate Obinna Umeh, whose research conclusions will help ensure the accuracy of readings by MeerKAT and SKA. More

"Space Skype" links kids from across the world

Children from Portugal and South Africa were brought together via video link to learn more about the wonders of the night sky. More

A scientist for a day

SAEON camp introduces learners to the intriguing world of environmental science. More

Building on a legacy of coastal and marine science in South Africa

An exhibition at the Ports and Maritime Conference showcased SAIAB and SAEON as significant platforms for coastal-inshore and marine research. More

Internship programme boosts quality of top achievers

A survey of the top 25 government high schools in SA makes special mention of a science internship programme at one of the schools. More

iThemba LABS - advancing knowledge

Read how iThemba LABS is meeting their 2013 challenge head on - to impact the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. More

Former ZooClub members on the path to success

getSETgo looks at five former Zookies who are currently studying towards their future careers. More

In the news

Find out why scientists say plants are good at maths, and why the cast of the award-winning TV soapie Grey's Anatomy were awed by a proudly South African device. More

Upcoming events

Find out what's in store for the rest of the year. More

It's a fact!

Genomics and particle physics top the scientific charts. More