Astronomy and space science expo

The event aims to support learners from grade 4 until grade 9 on their term 4 topic: Planet Earth and beyond.

We will show audio visuals on the space. Topics will include the planets in our solar system, the birth and death of the star and exploring different planets.

Mphotho Community Development Centre is collaborating with various organizations including but not limited to SAASTA and SANSA.

Scifest Africa, South Africa’s National Science Festival

Scifest Africa is the largest science festival in Africa, and offers an interactive festival programme consisting of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, outreach activities and various other events.

iThemba LABS Open Day

The Open Day:
An event when iThemba LABS opens its doors to members of the public including school learners.
On this day which can only happen during shut down periods, the public gets to have information and insight on all the science research and the application thereof done at the facility. This is through well guided tours and interactive lectures presented to the public for the entire day. This year`s Open day will be held on the 24th of August.

Science Road Shows and the Visitor Centre

Our team will be regularly going out to local schools to conduct science shows and some selected curriculum experiments at most three times a week starting next school term. Some invited schools will also have an opportunity to come and explore science activities and interactive exhibits in our new visitor centre space also starting in the term.
Dates: as from the 9th of July.

Siyophumelela Primary school science project

This is a project aimed at impacting in a positive way the teaching and learning of science at our local primary schools. It is also aimed at helping improve in totality the learner’s abilities in dealing with challenges generally through engaging in various activities that are organized by iThemba LABS in collaboration with the teachers whose schools take part in the programme. Five learners are chosen by the teachers to represent the school in the programme which runs in two phases between the first and the third quarter of the school calendar. The first phase involves learners being bussed buy iThemba LABS to visit various places of science interest so as to expand their knowledge and see relevance of science in real life. Places to be visited this year will include Cape Town Heart Museum (Prof Chris Barnard Memorial), Cape Town Science, iThemba LABS itself as well as The Giraffe House. A three-day life skill camp happening during the September/October holidays is the second phase of the programme. Here the learners are taken through a mentoring process on important aspects like self-discipline, self-motivation, dealing with peer pressure, setting goals, team work etc. We feel that learners that go through programmes like this are far better equipped to deal with difficult challenges later on in school life and in general and are therefore adding for themselves ingredients that are much needed to have a recipe that is called “success in life”.
All the expenses of being in this programme are carried by iThemba LABS.
Excursions: 1. Cape Town Science Centre – 10 August 2019
2. Cape Town Heart Museum – 17 August 2019
3. iThemba LABS Visit- In-house program- 24 August 2019
4. Giraffe House- 07 September 2019
5. 4 Days Camp in Sutherland SAAO- 24- 27 September 2019.


Mapaana Career Talk and Role Modelling

Giving learners, unployed youth and the general public an opportunity to talk face to face with professionals, academics, entrepreneurs and investors while learning about different institutions and their opportunities.

iThemba LABS – Eduication Week

Education week is an engagement week for research’s and staff to provide much needed information to the audiences of Science engagement. The two activities planned during education week is aimed at science and maths learners from schools in the area surrounding the facility. Firstly, a woman empowerment event in the form of a “Take a girl child to work day” where we invite ~25 girls’ learners to attend a day workshop where invited speakers highlight the challenges and triumphs of thier experiences in science. Secondly, The facility hosts ~15 Gr11 science and maths learners for a 3-day job shadow programme at the facility. Providing them an overview of high energy physics research being performed and an in-depth look at the careers they have shown interest in around the areas on accelerator based sciences.

Knowledge Day

Career expo . educating the youth in our community , shaping future leaders.

Loxion science fair and expo

Brain waves development is excited to host the second annual Loxion science fair and expo. Our first event saw us host an overwhelming number of learners to a total of 3800 in Mamelodi, which was unheard of. It is for this reason that we are ready to host another one for the benefit of the learners in our community. The science fair is designed to encourage township learners to take part in the exciting world of science and technology, exposing them to experiences they are unlikely to see or witness in school.
The science fair will give learners an opportunity to present their science projects and to compete on an even platform, as it is only open to township schools, where learners have limited resources that prevent them from participating in other regional science expos. It will encourage them to show case their demonstrations without feeling intimidated or side lined by learners from well privileged schools, where they have access to all the resources needed to execute a well-structured and advanced science project.

The mission
Our mission is to promote an interest in science and develop a generation of individuals who will not only function in society, but thrive.

Just like with most fairs and expos, the aim is to encourage learners to participate in science, technology, mathematics and innovation activities. Our mission is to develop young black scientists who are able to identify a problem, analyse data, find solutions and be able to communicate their findings effectively. To engage the public in a celebration of our local science community, and the way science, technology, engineering, mathematics and Innovation (STEMI) help us to better understand our and improve our world

UKZN Science Career Fair – Pietermaritzburg

We inviting Industry to the Career Fair event to showcase working opportunities for our BSc Graduates. The Pietermaritzburg campus is home to the following disciplines:
Catering for the following disciplines:
BSC – Agriculture
BSC – Life Sciences
BSC – Physics and Chemistry
BSC – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences
We look forward to having you attend this event.