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research vesselMarine

were abundant at the time of the dinosaurs.

But now they are disappearing from our oceans!

That is why marine conservation organisations around the globe are joining forces to declare 2006 “YEAR OF THE TURTLE”.

The media, educators and learners are invited to join the “Turtle Tracks Challenge”. Learners and educators in the coastal areas of northern KwaZulu-Natal will participate in competition, while journalists will report on marine turtle research and conservation. The winners (best entries from three learners, most involved educator and best work from two journalists) will join the “Night of the Turtles” expedition where they will have the opportunity to observe nesting marine turtles and report on their experiences.

Marine turtle media challenge

Report on marine turtles during August 2006 and win a place on the “Night of the Turtles” turtle tagging expedition during November 2006!

South Africa is a signatory to the IOSEA (Indian Ocean South Each Asia) Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding. Media competition You are invited to report on marine turtle research and conservation in South Africa. Your story must be printed or broadcast during Biosciences Month – August 2006, or during September 2006 – to be eligible for the competition.

An electronic file of the printed article, or electronic version of the radio or television story, must be submitted to Southern Science, along with full details of the publishing/broadcasting details (include date and name of publication or radio/television programme.

Email to: or post to Marina Joubert, PO Box 66087, Woodhill, 0076 by 30 September 2006.

Based on these entries, two journalists will be invited to join a trip to the nesting area of the marine turtles during November 2006 – the best time to observe nesting/egg-laying turtles at night. We will go with a team of researchers who are fitting the turtles with satellite transmitters on the turtles to study their migration patterns. The two winners will be contacted by 25 October 2006. The preliminary date for the expedition is 7 & 8 November 2006.

Here’s some background information and sources of story ideas:

  • A basic sea turtle information sheet (download PDF)
  • Web links and experts to contact (download PDF)
  • Please contact me for images. I have some great images that can be used with credit to the relevant photographers.

This media project is supported by the Department of Science and Technology and the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement, as part of Biosciences Month 2006.

Marina Joubert, SOUTHERN SCIENCE, cell: 083 409 4254, fax: 086 675 7321, .