A F R I C A N    O R I G I N S    E X P L O R E R

Victoria West Museum

Where is it?

You will find the Victoria West Regional Museum at 47 Church Street in the Northern Cape town of Victoria West, phone number (053) 621-0413.

What is on display?

If you want to explore African Origins, head straight for the Fossil Hall. Here you will discover that in prehistoric times, long before the coming of man into the dry Karoo, this area was wet and marshy with an abundance of wild animals. The focal point of the displays is the fish fossils, the most unique of which is the Atherstonia seeleyi, a fish from some 250 million years ago. It is unique because of the structure of its scales, which served as a type of shell, as the fish had no backbone. This fossil is the most complete of its kind ever found, and is preserved in the museum, together with other types of fossils from the district, such as a Bradysaurus, an herbivorous reptile that lived 250 million years ago.

More information can be found on the internet at www.museumsnc.co.za/McGregor/othermusems/victoria.htm