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A Spaza Shop for Science

Crystal Higino from Northriding High School at a Science Spaza event.
Northriding High School Science Club.

The Science Spaza is an exciting, interactive and fun initiative, which brings curriculum-linked learning opportunities to a growing network of science clubs across South Africa. Think of a place where people gather to have fun, learn from others and pick up a few essentials, that is the local spaza shop. The Science Spaza is an initiative aiming to grow science awareness and knowledge.

A Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and innovation (STEAMi) initiative, the Science Spaza aims to improve science literacy and reveal to young people the power of science and technology in transforming their world. The Science Spaza addresses the lack of resources and activity-based learning opportunities, which have resulted in a poor understanding of critical Science and Maths concepts.

Science Spaza is a science club supported with fun activities, tips and tools to make the science experience fun. It is a space where learners can encourage and engage with science in a fun and interactive manner and where educators can get new ideas for practical science lessons.

In the past year, Science Spaza has collaborated nationally with over 140 science clubs. It is managed under the auspice of a non-profit organisation, the Yazi Centre for Science and Society in Africa, and is an initiative of Jive Media Africa.

The Science Spaza has significantly grown with and published science workbooks, worksheets and manuals. The publishing of the initiative’s learning material is with sponsorship from organisations and departments such as the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the South African Agency for Science Technology and Advancement (SAASTA).

Sponsor Science Spaza resources or a Science Spaza event and grow young minds while you grow your brand! Science Spaza creates partnerships to transform Science and Mathematics education.