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About Astronomy Month

A pulsar is a rapidly spinning neuron star producing radio beams.

There are some South Africans who still gaze at the moon and stars with romantic inclinations. Others believe that stars are holes in the fabric of night and still others see the stars as indicators of fate and fortune. Few understand the significance of a solar eclipse, a meteor or even solar flares. What is the reason for studying the formation of galaxies millions of kilometres away? What is the practical impact of understanding the dynamics of black holes, white holes and wormholes? Why should South Africa spend millions of rands looking at stars and fathoming the beginning of time? South Africans ask these questions when discussing Astronomy.

The Department of Science and Technology has a vision to bring some understanding of the universe into the homes and lives of the people of South Africa. The South African Government, through its National Research and Development Strategy is achieving this by actively promoting and endorsing Astronomy research and researchers in the country. Astronomy is growing in popularity around the world and is not confined to the stereotypical "male only" science field.

Science Platforms plans to promote Astronomy during October. This plan aims at identifying potential partners in industry with the hope of developing sustainable student work plans and funding, research and development and, promotion and marketing. Science Platforms intends to inform the public of the significance of Astronomy to Science and to Humankind. Also, as learners are the currency of any developing country, the focus of Astronomy Month will be strongly on this area.

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